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  • KD and purple shilo from NYTC

    Shilo – Our most popular silicone dildo


    Shilo is not just a product, it’s an experience. Handcrafted for precise G and P spot stimulation, Shilo balances functionality with finesse, beauty, and pleasure.  Handmade with the finest platinum silicone,  and a proprietary flexible core,  it be discreetly works as packer and effortlessly transform into  strap-on dildo.

    • Handcrafted with Care: Small batch handmade in the USA for assured quality.
    • Insertable Length: Enjoy 6.25 inches of fulfilling pleasure.
    • Perfect Girth: 1.5-inches in diameter, roughly size of two fingers.
    • Skintone Options: Choose from 4 realistic skintones – Cashew, Caramel, Hazelnut, and Chocolate – or opt for whimsical colors and swirls.
  • Strap-on kit with two dildos


    This kit includes our ever popular Explorer Vegan Harness and  Two dildos.  You’ll receive a strap on harness and two dildos. The harness if fully adjustable up to 60 in hip.  The smoothly silky dildos included with this set are fully harness compatible and have suction cup based for endless fun.  This kit comes in a limited edition New York Toy Collective case

  • Carter


    You craved girth—and we delivered. Thick and posable, yet deliciously soft, this beloved handmade silicone dildo puts the “oh!” in… well, you know. Take Carter home and see what the dildo connoisseurs are raving about

    This handcrafted, posable silicone dildo is a great combination of thick and soft. Carter is great for those that crave a feeling of fullness. Ideal for ambitious bottoms, enthusiastic tops, and sassy switches.

    Product Specs

    • Insertable length 7.5″
    • Girth 2.0″
    • Small Batch handmade in the USA
    • Harness compatible & anal safe
    • Dual density platinum silicone
    • 4 Skintones shown from left to right Cashew, Caramel, Hazelnut, Chocolate plus n whimsical colors and swirls
    • Small Batch handmade in the USA
  • Sale! two hands Dil duo, sleek suction cup dildo set by New York toy collective

    Dildo Duo

    Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $39.99.

    Sleek,  sophisticated and versatile the duo set offers two suction cup dildos with  endless possibilities.  Use in a Strap-on harness or bathroom wall at 6′ 1.25′ girth and 7′ 1.5 girth these two can satisfy experienced and  novice  players  The curved design and rigidity offers G and P spot stimulation for strap on or solo play .  This kit includes a New York Toy Collective carrying case.

  • Rechargeable waterproof bullet vibratorRechargeable Waterproof bullet vibe, back of box with diagram

    Rechargeable & Waterproof Bullet Vibe


    Our rechargeable & waterproof bullet vibe is back. This 10 mode vibe works great for solo or group play and fits perfectly into Jack and the Love Bump. No more batteries, just plug it in to your usb charger to keep it going. The quiet powerful vibe is waterproof so feel free to play in…

  • Playtime dildo silicone with built in suction cups



    There’s nothing silly about Dilly. Featuring a realistic dual density and suction cup base, Dilly is a great choice for pleasure-seekers on a budget. Dilly plays well with all harnesses, your partner(s), and you. Suction it to a hard surface and take yourself to town (or keep it in the shower for a morning quickie).

  • Strap-on Leather Harness


    100% Genuine Leather, functional and luxurious.  Our signature leather harness features black hardware and adjustable straps  designed  to fit  a wide range of bodies (this means you!) and accommodate 32″-65″ waist/hips. Each Leather harness includes 3 metal O-rings and a carry case.

  • Mason


    Mason – for length, belly, and booty lovers.
    Get ready for an unforgettable experience! Designed for those with bigger bodies, Mason’s extra length ensures no sweet spot goes undiscovered. Whether you’re getting intimate with yourself or your partner. Playful, posable, and crafted with painstaking detail. Available in four lifelike skin tones – Cashew, Caramel, Hazelnut, Chocolate – and additional whimsical colors and swirls, Mason caters to everyone’s taste.

    • Handmade in small batches in the USA
    • Insertable length of 8″ and a girth of 1.5″
    • Harness-compatible and safe for anal use
    • Dual-density premium platinum cure silicone for a realistic feel
    • Unique head designed for G-spot and P-spot stimulation
    • Available in four skin tones – Cashew, Caramel, Hazelnut, and Chocolate, with whimsical colors and swirls
  • Leroy – Our biggest posable silicone dildo


    Make way for Leroy, our biggest (and most beautiful!) silicone dildo. It’s okay to be greedy—Leroy doesn’t disappoint. Girthy, long, and handmade with love, Leroy sports an intact foreskin and posable core to keep your partner hooked as you change positions. And you’ll want to change positions to feel Leroy from every angle.

    Made with our signature dual density silicone, and industrial strength posable core, Leroy is designed to move with you and your partner as your change positions and angles. Leory’s length is great for those with large bellies, bodies or booties. Leroy is a strap-on dildo and will work with harnesses with interchangeable or stretchable O-rings. Perfect for all your strap-on play and pegging needs!

    Product Specs

    • Insertable length 9.5
    • Girth 2.5
    • Harness compatible & anal safe
    • Dual density platinum silicone
    • Small Batch handmade in the USA
  • Water Based Lube by NYTC: Flux

    NYTC’s Flux – 4oz water based lube


    Every thrust, every stroke, and every touch is better with lube.  Comprised of limited ingredients,  Flux is a smooth vegan water-based lubricant, safe to use on all of our products.  Why use lube? Lube reduces friction-elevating the pleasure- it short it means you can play for longer…slip’n slide on inside.

  • Harness: Joque from the frontHarness: Joque from the back

    Harness: Joque


    Super comfy jock-style strap-on harness with a double strap for a customizable fit. Designed to work with double-ended and flared dils. A true essential for partnered pleasure!

    *This product is excluded from all coupons and promotions