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A sweet little packer with intact foreskin—if you know, you know. Pierre is handmade with painstaking detail, featuring realistic skinfolds and subtly asymmetrical testicles. Designed for comfort, durability, and confidence. Pair with our STP strap or packer pouch for added security. A great choice for FTM and gender non-conforming folks under 5’ tall.

This handmade silicone packer is available in 4 realistic skintones and now whimsical gender non-conforming colors for our gender queer and gender fluid fans! Pierre is the most accessible and affordable intact packer on the market. Please note that Pierre 4″ shaft size is designed for FTM and gender non-conforming folks under 5 feet tall.

Pierre Regular

  • Total Length 5.25
  • Penis length 4.75
  • Width at maximum point 2

Pierre Small

  • Total length 4 inches
  • Penis length 3.5
  • Width at widest point 1.75
  • Packer Pouch *

    Packer Pouch with magnetic closure

  • Don't forget the lube *

  • Keep your toys clean *

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Additional information

Weight .46 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 × 5 in

5.25" shaft, 4" shaft


Cashew, Caramel, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Midnight Purple, Gold, Blue, Teal, Rose Gold

44 reviews for Pierre

  1. Jackson

    My Gf loves it

  2. Binary bunny

    Really nice

  3. Russ

    Love it

  4. Avery

    Good quality.

  5. Aiden

    Good service.

  6. Luna

    Brought this as a gift, they loved it

  7. Nicholas

    Great for solo play.

  8. Patrick

    My Gf loves it

  9. William

    My Boyfriend Loves it!

  10. Thrombin

    Brought this as a gift, they loved it

  11. Kurt

    Fast delivery

  12. Mia

    Fast delivery

  13. Noah


  14. Mars

    Really good

  15. Thrombin

    Better in person

  16. Leo

    I got the 4″ despite being 5’2″, looked at it and was like oh that’s small but tried it on and it was the perfect size, I’m super happy with it + it had discreet packaging. I’m so happy about it and I’m very glad I decided to get it.

  17. Russ

    Really good

  18. Maxwell

    This is hands down my favourite packer. I got the small size since I’m only 5’1 and it was the perfect size for me. It feels great in my pants as it’s not too heavy nor too light and it looks very natural in everything, including swimwear.

  19. QueerPeen

    I got the regular sized Pierre in blue, because blue is my favourite color. 💙
    I got this packer a few years ago and it’s still one of my favourite basic packers. I love the uncut look and the sleek design. Thanks to the shaft being designed to hang down, it’s easy to pack with and it feels gender affirming. The weight is nice and present, and though it clearly gives you a bulge, it’s never obscene looking.
    Cleaning it is easy to do and it’s great you can boil it to fully sterilize it after use. I don’t need a harness, but often wear it in a pouch. To give it a softer texture, one can use cornstarch to powder it, but depending on your personal preference, you can also choose to not powder it at all.

  20. S

    Loving this packer so far but the regular size really is a bit big. Because it’s silicone, it doesn’t squish into pants well and I have to tuck it between my legs or else look like I have a boner. I’m getting used to the size but it’s bigger than I would have liked even though I’m 5’6″ and pretty stocky. That said, the feeling is lovely. The flat backing fits well and I’ve had no trouble with it slipping in tight boxer briefs and women’s underwear. Looser boxers were a problem, but I haven’t tried with a harness. I’m very happy to have found an uncircumcised option, and on the whole I like the packer a lot.

  21. Dawn

    I honestly didn’t know how good this would be for me. I feel more confident to wear whatever I want. I don’t know how I was coping before Pierre. I am so happy my first packer is Pierre. The size is perfect for me I am 5’5″ and I got the smaller one and I’m really glad I got the small one its perfect for me. Its easy to clean and is easy to adjust. The bulge looks and feels real. I often forget its not real.

  22. Gray

    The large packer from this brand is enormous, please do not listen to the size queens in the comments. I’m 5’3” and I love the way this sits on my body but I will have to get a smaller one.

  23. dylan

    great packer. i am 5’4″ and the smaller one was too small, the large was perfect.

  24. 260

    I bought the 5.25″ Pierre from Come As You Are Coop in Canada, and I’m really happy with it so far! The quality of the material and craft is obvious, and I’m happy to have something I can boil. The shaft is long and thick, but it’s well-behaved and hangs straight down. It sits comfortably and doesn’t require adjustment or fiddling, and I have no worries about looking like it’s “on show”. My first packer was the extra-small Mr Limpy. Although the 5.25″ Pierre is noticeably larger, I’d say its shape suits me better. I’m happy with my decision to upgrade.
    I’m 5’2″, 160 pounds, carrying extra weight in my belly. My trouser waist size is 38″ and I basically always wear office slacks. (No jeans, nothing tight.)

  25. J

    I have never loved an object like I love this packer. Even though I know cognitively this is a somewhat mass produced item it feels like it was made for me. I am 5’5” and currently 143 pounds (I started my transition at 120) and am to date 11 months on T. I wear a 30×32 pant. I wear Carhartt duck pants. It looks great in fitted denim. I was concerned about it being “too big” but decided to follow the product advice and order the full size packer. It feels like the perfect proportion for my body. I pack with the Truhk packing briefs and it is situated perfectly all day (size small but really I could wear a medium) FINALLY this is one part of my mostly cis-passing existence I don’t have to be aware of all day working with a bunch of cis guys. I ordered the second-to-lightest color and it feels right for my skin tone. I’m Caucasian (Swedish/French/English)

  26. Andre

    Pierre is my first packer and I absolutely love it! I got the 5.25″ Pierre in purple. The 5.25″ is a bit big for my stature (5′ 2″) but my husband likes it 🙂 I definitely recommend dusting the packer with corn starch as the silicone can be a bit tacky, and wash frequently to prevent body odor from building up (I just wash it daily when I bathe/shower).
    I also got the STP strap harness, which fits well and is comfortable, but holds the packer a bit lower than I would like, it’s probably a better position for an STP than non-STP packer.

  27. Darian

    Very comfortable and gives a realistic bulge. Others I’ve tried always had to be in just the right spot to be comfortable and look right. Not this bad boy- it can be in all sorts of spots and still feel/look good.
    Side note- put the teal one on your face and you too can look like Squidward!

  28. tishamartian

    I absolutely love this packer.

  29. Vic

    I got this packer like a week ago and it’s great! I ordered the small and it’s prettty small but I’m a small person (5’2) and I don’t want it to be too obvious I’m packing. The only thing is (I ordered from etsy so this might be why) I ordered the Archer packer and instead i got the uncircumcised version. This made me kind of disappointed because I much prefer the look of the circumcised packer. However, no one’s seeing it and I’m not very religious so it doesn’t affect my life that much. Also, I love this packer (and the Archer) because they come in non-realistic colours. I am non-binary and personally, I just don’t want a super realistic fake dick. I bought it in purple and the colour is really lovely. I really enjoy this packer even though it isn’t exactly what I ordered.

  30. Adam

    i thought the standard size would be too big for me– i’m 5’8″, but i have a pretty small frame, and my first packer was much smaller. i’m glad i took the chance on the larger size, though! it DOES look huge, it’s very big for a flaccid penis… but also, it is long enough to actually feel it hanging between my legs. my first packer was small enough that it sat in front of my… zone… but didn’t really hang down much further than my bio bits. and it turns out feeling it hanging there is a definite euphoria for me! also if i’m wearing underwear it doesn’t look too big at all, and it fits fine in everything except my tightest skinny jeans.

  31. Helena Fleabody

    I’m an anomaly here because I’m a femme cis-passing queer/dyke, but perhaps this makes my review worth the time and effort. As evidenced by the comments and copy here, my ilk is a minority, and when I began pursuing my first gender-affirming soft cock, I only knew of one similarly-inclined person who soft-packed, and by all accounts, she seemed to do so discreetly (ie, beneath skirts and loose fitting clothing). Sure, I was seeking that knee-weakening weightiness of having something substantive between my legs, but I also wanted a visible bulge that could be complemented by tight, high-waisted jeans, in a manner akin to European men I’ve seen awaiting flights at JFK or a swishy, 1970s type in an ascot. I live in a pretty progressive metropolitan city, so soft-packing in public is definitely a privilege. I can easily see how sauntering around as a 5’6, 130 femme with an ostensible extra side of meat could set one up for a case of mistaken (transfemme) identity, subsequent unwanted attention, and/or violence.

    I bought a standard-sized Pierre in purple roughly four months ago. The color options are appreciated, as my relationship to packing has more to do with realistic size and texture than color or the erotics of having my cock touched directly by a girlfriend (it’s more impactful through clothing). As far as the logistics: Pierre fits flawlessly into most of my mid- and high-rise lingerie bottoms sans packing strap. I shave, which may or may not aid the packer in conforming to my body during wear. As mentioned, tight pants also help to hold it in place.

    Pierre has held up nicely through regular wear and some play: no discoloration, tears, or loss in elasticity. More than I can say for some of my jeans! My only wishes are, one, for a retractable foreskin in later edition and, two, for a larger version, perhaps with a bit more girth and a length nearer to six inches. NYTC, please give us size queens what we want. 🙂

  32. a.

    I had a hard time choosing between the sizes, because my instincts said small, but I’d heard many people be unpleasantly surprised by how small it is in person. I still went for size small, and I’m very happy I did. I’m a fat and average height nonbinary person, and the size looks and feels just right for me. I’ve previously had a small Mr. Limpy and a small Packer Gear one, and both felt too big and bulky for me to wear casually, especially because I usually wear tight pants. My small Pierre just is there and doesn’t draw too much attention to itself. It feels natural and I love it. It felt almost like a part of my body right when I first tried it on, and that actually turned me on a little. That hasn’t happened since the very first times I tried packing! So yes, I’m very happy with my purchase.

  33. Kay

    I bought a Pierre small because I wanted a discrete packer that wasn’t too bulgey like the mr Limpy small or other bigger sized packers.
    At first I was still worried when I got it in the mail becos it looks really small compared to the limpy. But once in my boxers and jeans, it looks amazing!
    No longer do I feel like I’m sporting an awkward boner or something too heavy. It’s a bit visible and you feel it’s there and that’s all I needed.
    It’s fun you don’t need a harness if you just wear tighter boxers and pants over it 😀

  34. Kaito

    I bought a Pierre at the Philly Trans Wellness conference based on the review I saw from Chase Ross. It was my first attempt at packing and I love it! I am nearly 6’ tall so the size feels appropriate for my body. The bulge in my briefs is large but doesn’t appear that way in jeans. It lays flat against my body and I do not use a harness with it. I will certainly buy another one down the road.

  35. M.C.

    My favorite packer by wear and feel but was very disappointed when it arrived. I ordered the purple, based on the photographs here and social media sites. I expected it to be metallic purple like shown on this page but it arrived a more pastel lilac, almost pink, color. I opened it or I would’ve returned it for a natural color.
    Aside from that, I have worn this packer in tight ‘women’s’ pants and the bulge still looked natural. It fits just right for me. I now wear it primarily in a harness before boxer briefs. It is a very quality packer. I own three and this is now my go-to.

  36. A.D.

    I bought the XS Cashew and looove it. I’m 5’2″/on T/a bigger person and it’s a bit small, but this actually works well for my situation. I’m not out yet at the office, but I was experiencing some pretty nasty bottom dysphoria. The XS Pierre is subtle enough that I don’t get any weird looks, but it’s also comfortable and alleviates my dysphoria enough that I can get through the day without obsessive thoughts. I plan to order the regular size Pierre for packing at home; I have the regular Archer but it feels very weird to switch from natural to circumcised; although most of my age-group cis male peers are probably circumcised,a natural packer feels, well, more natural!

  37. Alexander

    A bit of information about me for reference: I am a 5’2″ pre-t transguy, weighing around 140-160lbs, and have really light pale skin. I have two Pierres to talk about, the first an extra small in cashew, the second a regular in caramel.

    XS Cashew: When I first ordered my Pierre I ordered it in XS despite the reviews, thinking that because of my height having the XS would be better for me. I was wrong. Even without taking it out of the bag I could tell it was WAY too small. It would be fine for someone under 5′, but if you are 5′ or taller it will most likely be way too small. The size being too small was my fault, however my Pierre had arrived in the wrong colour. I had ordered it in caramel, but it had arrived in cashew. When ordering my Pierre I was having a hard time deciding on colour due to my very pale skin tone, but I can see now that my original choice of caramel was better.

    Regular Caramel. Since my first Pierre had arrived in the wrong colour I was able to contact customer service and exchange the XS cashew for a regular in caramel (with an extra charge to make up for the size difference). This new packer is MUCH better. While the penis part of the packer is a bit long, it’s still a good size for me. The caramel is the perfect colour for my skin tone as well, it’s paler than the cashew and just slightly darker than my skin tone. It’s weight is heavier than other packers for sure, but that just makes it feel more natural for me. I first thought the flat side on the balls would be distracting, but to my (happy) surprise I don’t notice it at all while wearing my packer.

  38. Emmett

    I bought the extra small Pierre about 6 months ago and I love it! It has a good texture, enough “give” to feel realistic, and, for somebody smaller, gives a nice bulge without looking ridiculous! In future I might buy the regular size for “special occasions”–these packers rock!

  39. O. W.

    Very high quality product. My favorite part about the Pierre packer is not having to be forced into getting a cut looking packer, and unwillingly support circumcision. I’m very grateful for the design. Thanks for selling!

  40. Q. K.

    I asked, you listened, when I got Pierre extra small in the mail, I was over the moon with joy, finally a high quality packer I can use daily that is the average size of my peers and I don’t have to worry about an overly obvious bulge. This is my favourite forever packer!

  41. ART

    phenomenal! gf loves it, and so do i. she is wild for the uncircumcised thang 😉 comfortable, and soft even for the larger size (which the lady also loves!)

  42. Nicholas

    A fantastic and one of a kind packer. I have never experienced a texture and quality like this one! Loooove it!

  43. Q.K

    This is by far my favourite packer, I’m ruined for any other. If I had to complain, it would be that I wish it came smaller, like, three inches small. Will keep an eye out.

  44. Jimmy

    I put this packer on and have never felt more comfortable wearing one. It has a good weight, and feels nice and firm, but also with a nice squish texture. I’m ordering a spare as this is my favourite packer I have found.

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