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Shilo’s a crowd favorite—for good reason. Posable, wearable, and versatile for all kinds of play, Shilo’s the perfect party companion or date night delight. Discreet when you want it, Shilo can go undercover as a packer or double as your fav strap-on.

With Shilo’s clever design, the possibilities for play are endless.

Handmade and designed with love, Shilo is a functional piece of art. Its prominent head and posable core offer the best of both worlds: G-spot and P-spot stimulation. Made from high-quality silicone, maintenance is easy—Simply boil to sterilize, and you’re ready for round two.

Product Specs

  • Insertable length  6.25
  • Girth 1.5
  • Harness compatible & anal safe
  • Dual density platinum silicone
  • Hypoallergenic and body safe
  • Boilable and sterilizable
  • Phthalate & latex free
  • Non-Pourous
  • Matte texture and subtle detailing throughout shaft
  • Unique head designed for G-spot and P-spot stimulation
  • Pair with a matching love bump for more sensation
  • 4 Skintones shown from left to right Cashew, Caramel, Hazelnut, Chocolate plus n whimsical colors and swirls.
  • Small Batch handmade in the USA
  • Don't forget the lube *

  • Keep your toys clean *

  • Add a rechargeable bullet vibe *

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Additional information

Weight .625 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 6 in

Cashew, Caramel, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Black, Blue & Black, Pink & Blue, Wildberry, Teal, Blue & Yellow, Rose Gold, Midnight Purple, Assorted, Antique Gold

18 reviews for Shilo – Our most popular silicone dildo

  1. Dev

    Great acessory.. the only problem is the base is too big for a small framed woman to pack with.

  2. Key

    My partner & I did a little research. We were happy about the feel of Shilo not once did it pop out harness. Hope in future they offer an option with more girth.

  3. QueensGirl

    I purchased the Shilo last year at the Babeland in SOHO and I can say that it’s definitely worth just about every penny. As a relatively newcomer to the dildo/strap on game, I was floored to find such limited amounts of bendable dildos in the market. The very few bendable dildos out there look cheap and according to reviews easily break. This Shiloh toy isn’t anything like those others. I played with it at the store, I’d bend it back and forth a few times and it always settled right back in place when positioned up right. Now granted, I only did a quick test in the store but once at home I took it for a ride with my partner and in these last couple of months it’s never given a sign of giving out.

    What grabbed my attention was the sweet color range available. My partner and I aren’t into flesh tones so the blue and black mix was perfect for us. It also has an incredibly soft yet sturdy texture. Once lubed it feels amazing. The length is perfect and the way the head is cut makes for a wonder feeling when being inserted.

    The only mutual complaint my partner and I had was that we found it to be a little bit too meaty for both of us. Also, the base of the toy is bulkier than those of other dildos. That might not be a problem for others who purchase it but it was an unfortunate issue for us. I can understand why the base would be larger, to support the bendable feature on the toy, which i’m okay with since this toy is made to last but I really wish is was a little smaller in Girth. Overall, I love this toy but I can’t use it on every occasion. We’d be more than willing to pay a little extra for a Shilo that was made with a Girth of 1.35. Are there any smaller options coming in the future from New York Toy Collective? I sure hope so!

  4. Anna

    This dildo is seriously impressive. As a pack’n’play toy, it offers a wide range of value! It folds comfortably and discreetly into the pants (albeit with some effort initially) for long-term wear, feels soft between the legs when walking and sitting, pops out to an impressive length (and girth) when readying for play, looks and feels ultra realistic to the touch (except bigger, according to my girlfriend), and gives an incredible orgasm, to me as well as my partner, surprisingly! The large base pressed right up against my clit through my spareparts harness! Not as intense as a vibrator or double ended toy, for sure, but a pleasant sensation nonetheless, and my partner gets the benefit of the huge bulbous head rolling across the G and A spots, as well as the soft, almost skin-like texture massaging everything else, and the realistic veins add a nice touch as well! Altogether, a WONDERFUL experience, from start to finish. I definitely recommend this for people who like experimenting with gender expression, but it would be a delight for everyone else too!

  5. Cheyenne

    5 STARS!
    I found out about the Shilo after a girlfriend of mine pleasured me with it! (And I immediately HAD to order it online, along with the Spareparts harness!) I’ve had other strap on experiences and none of them compare to the Shilo. I couldn’t believe how realistic it felt!! And it’s just the right size for me, and for the other women I’ve been with since. 🙂 Was thinking about going a bit bigger, but am happy I didn’t. The only thing is that it takes awhile to break-in the bendy parts, but afterwards, you can bend it any which way you want and it will stay in that curved position easily! LOVE THE SHILO.

  6. Sammy

    I absolutely love the Shiloh. The feel of it is incredible, both in it’s soft giving feel and the details of the mold. I used it straight away after I received it in the mail, and while it felt good to the touch right out of the package, it was even better lubed up. It’s me and my girlfriend’s go to strap on now. The shiloh is great for both penetrative sex and for blow jobs. I know some people have trouble with the latter because of the pronounced head, but the detailed veins and head feel amazing in your mouth and on your tongue.

    I bought shiloh in the hopes that I’d be able to pack with it but so far I haven’t been able to do so both comfortably AND discreetly. When it’s discreet it hasn’t been comfortable (especially when sitting or wearing it for more than half an hour), and when it’s placed more comfortably Shiloh has been anything but discreet. As other reviewers have mentioned, I think a lot of this is due to the girthy base, which provides necessary stability during strap on sex. I do plan to keep trying to pack, though, in case I just haven’t struck upon the knack for it!

    Alas, when I bought the toy it wasn’t available in the sea foam teal color. I was bummed because I wanted a non-flesh tone and I didn’t want it to be pink or multi-colored. I went with black which I love now, but I’m glad to see nytc has added more options!

    I love this product, and definitely plan to purchase more from NYTC in the future!

  7. Cat

    My boifriend and I have had an amazing experience with Shiloh. I love the unique colors that are available, I love the flexibility, and I love how it feels when I wear it in my harness. My partner enjoys how soft and squishy Shiloh is, and how the dildo feels when it fills them completely. I have not used Shiloh as much for packing as I had originally hoped, and I look forward to taking advantage of its theoretical packing ability more in the future.

  8. diane

    I have been using strap-ons for over 7 years. Both of my lovers are unable to have erections and rather than get a third lover, they are fabulously willing to please me with a dildo. Now that I found Shiloh, last week at Good Vibrations in Oakland, I am more than ecstatic. He (Shiloh) has a wonderful girth to his head yet is spongey and malleable, just what I needed, having less intercourse because of the lack of spontaneity, plus being 10 years post menopause, my tissues weren’t accommodating the harder silicone “gents” on the market. Shiloh is a fine fellow. My boyfriend says, he feels he is participating more wearing shiloh. We changed his name to M.J. stands for Mighty Junior.

  9. IB

    SO BEAUTIFUL! Incredible realness in design and feel. The head is so big and juicy and fun! Just the best dildo and SO pretty (iridescent purple :). Props to Please NYC for carrying NYTC products 😀

  10. Eli

    Purchased the blue/pink option. Love how trans affirming and body positive NYTC is. Was absolutely great to use and the base helped my partner not feel uncomfortable when wearing (a prior problem). Small and soft enough for her to receive. We both have worn and received, and found it incredibly hot. (I’m excited to move up to the Carter personally but that will be too big for her.)

  11. Linnea

    Words cannot express how amazing this dildo is. I live in the UK and finding queer friendly toys like this are hard to come by. From the quality of the silicone to the overall aesthetic and feel this really is top notch. It feels incredibly and not too big and not too small, perfect for G Spot penetration and matches my partners skin tone well. She never liked being penetrated with dildos or strap ons in the past and this was a real game changer due to length, girth and overall feel. It is not daunting and I cannot wait for my partner to pack for a night out with it. 10/10 if you are on the fence about this product don’t be! It’s worth the investment and the multiple orgasms are proof of this. Thanks New York Toy Collective for a phenomenal product range and for being so inclusive!

  12. AA

    Great toy. She loves the mouthfeeling when sucking on it.

  13. Eloisa

    The midnight purple is beautiful and the feel of it is the closest I’ve ever felt to the real thing!
    Can’t wait to use it on my spouse~

  14. Aersen

    Saw this at my local sex shop and fell in love; I ended up pining for it and buying a week before the covid shut down! My previous dick had been pink, so I wanted something my skin color (ended up with cashew). I love how you can pose it and it stays well, so you can have whatever kind of dick you want! If you are interested in trying to use it as a packer, you should know that the big base, length, and limits to it’s bending make it great for a naked, curved, erect dick feel, but not as much for a just-chilling-in-my-pants look, imo

  15. K

    This is by far the best to I’ve found to receive with. The dual-density silicone makes the experience really comfortable, and the large head (plus ability to bend) helps it his all the right spots. In terms of wearing it, using the love bump attachment helps give me some good visual gender euphoria.

  16. Sienna

    I love this toy it’s great. The only thing I wish was different is the base, I wish the base was thinner and more flexible I’m a pretty small person and I feel like if the base could bend or was a bit more curved shape I’d be a bit more comfortable if that makes any sense. Anyways it’s not terrible just maybe not the most comfortable but I can over look that becausee of how great of a design it is.

  17. J

    This dildo is absolutely fantastic. I can easily pack with it because it flexes, so it creates many opportunities for spontaneity. It’s super durable. The head and girth are absolutely perfect for someone or a couple looking for an above average dick without being too huge to use. My girl LOVES how this dildo feels. She can’t get enough of it. I highly recommend to anyone, especially those who like to be able to “pack and play”. This is worth every penny.

  18. reverse cowboy

    My girlfriend and I got this so she can strap me on. I’ve developed a surprisingly emotional attachment to it as her dick. I’m a very experienced anal player but not a size queen. It feels sooo good inside me and I can have p-spot orgasms for hours with it. I love sucking it, too.

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