Founded in 2012, New York Toy Collective creates high-quality intimacy toys and products for all forms of gender affirmation, ranging from packers, STP products, binders, accessories, and more. The first and only company to use 3D technology to allow consumers to create pleasure products molded after their own bodies. Technology-forward, consistently embracing new ideas to enhance consumers’ personal lives in a way which is affordable, body-safe, and durable, with a functionality which allows for both a continued physical and emotional connection for the end user.

NYTC’s products have been embraced by both adult and mainstream media, including The New York Times, Times Magazine, Huffington Post, Motherboard, Jezebel, Fleshbot, Cosmopolitan, and more; its popular Mason was featured in the television series Transparent’s second season, and Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose featured the company’s best-seller, Shilo, in their gender-identity-focused “Break Free” music video.

A company driven by technology and innovation, but also with the understanding of how emotional connection is vital to gender expression, NYTC believes your body shouldn’t limit your sexual possibilities, and is committed to providing products with that goal in mind.

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