Shilo’s a Dick

OP logoMost dudes dream of dick. By that I mean at one point or another most every trans guy has dreamt of having a dick of their own or having a bigger dick or having a dick in them. You get the point, guys like dick in someway or another. I myself spent the better part of my first years on T obsessing over it.

Alas, I am cash poor and don’t want to have anymore surgery. So I searched for a dick that made sense. I don’t love packing without purpose. Mostly because if I’m gonna “do it” at the end of the day, I never know how to casually slip off my stinky, sweaty limp packer without feeling humiliated and utterly turned off. If I am gonna pack, I want to be able to fuck with that dick too. But I’m short and I wear skinny jeans, so I can’t exactly shove a donkey dick down there without looking obscene.

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Everything You Need To Know About 3D Printing Your Dick’s Doppelganger


Take it from me: if you go to get your penis scanned and turned into a dildo, try not to think about the fact that your cock is patiently throbbing at the intersection of chemistry, sculpting, laser photography, sex toy manufacturing, 3D printing, American-made goods, and LGBTQ concerns. It will make you flaccid, and that’s no way to pose for a picture.

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It’s Thursday: Why Not Make a Custom Dildo of Your Dong?


Jezebel logoIs your dick so glorious that you think it needs a twin-dick? Well then I have the event for you! Right now in New York City, 3Dea is happening, a popup store/printing lab that shines a light on the art of 3D printing. The gist of it: You can get pretty much anything printed in 3D, including your penis. Yay, technology! (And I really do mean that.)

Ottimo Massimo of Fleshbot went through the process, and it is so fascinating! They use lasers to scan your penis and then print out a dildo with your exact length, girth, curve, and vein structure. And is it just me, or is “vein structure” the grossest two words in the English language when combined? It’s that, or “making love”. Or possibly “Carrot Top”.

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3D Printing Reaches Consumers


Time logoAdore your Shih Tzu? Now it’s possible to create a tiny replica of Fluffy in figurine form for your office. You could also create customized jewelry or an iPhone case. What might be called extreme personalization is moving closer to mainstream consumers who don’t want to invest in an industrial 3D printer themselves. This is all thanks to a number of companies whose mission is to give everyone access to high-end 3D technology normally used by large corporations to create product prototypes.

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The New York Times 2013 Dinner is Printed by A.J Jacobs


NY times logo“A friend suggested that, to finish the evening off, we hire a Manhattan-based company that scans and makes 3-D replicas of your private parts. That’s where I drew the line.”

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3D Penis Print-Outs From 3DEA Are The Future Of Dildos


Huff Po logo3DEA, a pop-up 3D printing store in New York City, is offering customized dildos formed from laser scans — and 3D print-outs — of customers’ penises.

The process is pretty simple: After a “quick tutorial on how to perfect your scan,” the excited buyer enters a scanning booth, where ShapeShot technology snaps some images of the patron’s manhood, then uses those images to print out a 3D model. They send the model to New York Toy Collective, where sex toy professionals use the print-out to create a one-of-a-kind dildo.

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Cheap 3D printers fuel home-printed sex toy “phenomenon”


News: the rise of affordable 3D printers is sparking a boom in demand for personalised sex toys that can be ordered online or printed at home.

A raft of new companies are springing up to cater for the growing market for toys that can be customised according to taste and fabricated on domestic printers, preventing the potential awkwardness of receiving items in the post.

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Yes We Scan


insidehook logoThis Valentine’s Day, take that maxim to its logical and ridiculous extent when you enjoin 3DEA to make, yes, a personalized sex toy out of your manhood.

So. Ahem. Here’s the thrust of it: you book an appointment with the 3DEA team in a private Eventi suite reserved exclusively for you.

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X-Rated Valentine’s Day Tech Toys for Adults


pc mag logoMaybe you consider yourself the best adult toy of all. There has long been ways of making a replica of certain body parts, usually involving long, uncomfortable sessions with a big bucket of “quick-drying” plaster that can just not harden fast enough. But now we live in the digital age, where laser scanning can make a 100-percent accurate digital model of your pertinent parts.

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Justin Bieber, Hello Kitty, and other 3D-printed dildos


It’s not just Romney and Obama anymore! Thanks to dropping costs and the nagging sense of terrible shame that comes with entering a sex shop no matter how liberated you are, custom, 3D-printed sex toys are now officially a “phenomenon,” according to Dezeen. There’s MakerLove and Dongiverse, two alternate-universe versions of Thingiverse that specialize in the free sharing of dildo designs, Velv’Or, a “gentlemen’s jewelry” brand making 3D-printed products for men, and Cunicode, which plans to offer “luxury” ceramic models.

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This idea that started off as a “wouldn’t it be silly if…” conversation while drinking with friends that became a reality for Kling when she came into contact with the owners of sex toy company the New York Toy Collective, who offered to make an almost exact mold of her penis—veins, creases and all—using the latest in 3D technology. “With the 3D scanning technology, you can get a scan of your body parts in just a matter of seconds,” says New York Toy Collective co-owner Laura Parker, “rather than having to keep yourself in a mold for several minutes—which can kind of be gross and uncomfortable.” A Minolta Vivid 910 laser scanner takes five to seven shots from different angles to composite a digital image, which is then sent to a 3D printer to create what is likely today’s closest attempt to an exact mold of a penis.

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The Future of Sex Toys?


cosmo logoNot sure what to ask for from your guy for Christmas? Tell him you want a dildo modeled out of a 3D printout of his penis for those lonely nights when he’s out of town.

Yes, it’s a thing: 3DEA—a new pop-up (ha!) shop in NYC—is now offering the service. It’s pretty simple: Your guy gets a quick tutorial, then hops in the booth for a quick penis photo shoot. A 3D model is then created from the photos and shipped off to New York Toy Collective and the pros there create the one-of-a-kind dildo

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Junk in a box


One goal has long evaded sex toy engineers: an exact replica of a human penis. Not just any penis, but yours, with all the contours and skin tone that the good Lord gave you rather than those unnaturally smooth and luridly pink options.

Plaster molds and other attempts take too long and often leave the customer limp with disappointment.

Now, thanks to 3D printing, the era of the perfectly cloned mini-you has arrived; finally, you can be in two places at once, as it were.

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Print Your Penis! Or Any Other Lovely Body Part You Please


open house logo3D printing is taking over the world one industry at a time – and sex toys are no different! At 3DEA we’re bringing back the Personalized Sex Toy Scanning just in time for Valentine’s Day <3. In collaboration with New York Toy Collective and Direct Dimension’s ShapeShot, Openhouse offers the newest technology to make civilization’s favorite hobby even more interesting.

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This Queer Collective Is Revolutionizing Sex


huffpo logo“It all started because I wanted a silicone ‘pack and play,’” said Chelsea Downs, co-founder of the New York Toy Collective, a group that hand-makes affordable silicone dildos in Brooklyn. We were speaking over the phone about the Collective’s line of “adult” toys, which are gaining widespread praise for being the most realistic on the market — the enigmatic “pack and play” particularly.

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3D Printing is One Step Closer to Home Use

Tech industry enthusiasts have called three-dimensional (3D) printing one of the hottest technological advancements expected to go mainstream in 2013.

At the forefront of the innovation for mobile devices is cell phone maker Nokia, who on Friday announced the release of the 3D-printing Development Kit (3DK) that will allow users to create their own customizable back shells for its new Lumia 820 handset.

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Will 3D printed sex toys do for 3D printing what pron did for the Internet?

silicon investor logoForget buying sex toys — Tom Nardone wants you to print them.

Nardone runs MakerLove, a website where he posts sex toy designs for 3D printer owners to try out. An engineer-turned-vibrator salesman, Nardone’s toys include the Hello Kitty-inspired Hello Pussycat, the tongue-shaped Organic Communicator, and the strangely but aptly named Freaky Freud. His work combines art with science, technology with pleasure.

But while Nardone isn’t sure whether MakerLove will revolutionize the sex toy industry, he is sure of one thing: The 3D printer will undoubtedly become a sex machine.

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NY Toy Collective, CrashPadSeries Host “Dream Scene” Contest

New York Toy Collective and join forces to host “The Dream Scene” queer porn scriptwriting contest.

“The Dream Scene” Contest invites fans to submit their own porn script, using unique elements such as the CrashPad’s key motif and New York Toy Collective’s popular dildos as plot devices. One lucky winner will have the opportunity to visit the set of and watch their story come to life. Outside the San Francisco Bay Area? Contest collaborator New York Toy Collective will award the winner a travel stipend of up to $500 within the USA.

Give the Gift of Girth With a 3D Replica of Your Giggle Stick

You know how us dames are always telling you that we wish we could cast your manhood in bronze and carry it with us in our purse, so we’d accidentally wrap our hands around it while we were looking for our keys and grin, mischievously? No? I’m sorry, that must be a sore spot for you.

Regardless, our days of wishin’ and hopin’ are over; a company called 3DEA has made it possible for you to create an exact replica of your junk, using 3D printing technology and some silicone. That’s right, the same material that sex toys are made out of. Now you’re with me.

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3DEA offering personalized 3D sex toy

Looks like our sexual culture is evolving and being altered by technology – companies are not only printing out prototypes sent by sex toy designers with desktop 3D printer, but also offering services to help you generate customized 3D sex toy.

3DEA, a Pop-Up store in New York featuring cutting-edge brands like Shapeways, Ultimaker, and UP! plus 3D printer, set up a very private 3DEA appointment on Monday December 10, 2012.

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New York Store Offering Laser Scanned Custom Dildos

barstool sports logoHow cocky do you have to be to clone your own dick? I bet you can’t find me one dude who thinks his dick is good enough to be laser scanned and turned into a dildo. My dick is certainly not worthy of that. There’s a reason why chicks buy dildos and vibrators that are like 12 inches long and 4 inches thick with glitter and sparkles and shit. Because real dicks are awful. Real dicks are small and weird colors with floppy skin and stuff.

I mean how often do you see surveys and studies and shit that say 99% of chicks are not satisfied in bed, right? So unless you’re that 1%, which you aren’t, what are you doing cloning the very mechanism that provides mediocre sex? Happy birthday, honey – he’s a laser scanned replica of my cock. Now you can fake orgasms when you’re masturbating too!

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The New York Toy Collective Produces Personalized Private Parts

Trend Hunter LogoAs 3D-printing becomes more prevalent in the world, adopted by all sorts of industries due to its cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness, companies like the New York Toy Collective have decided to get a little intimate. Know for producing quality sex toys, this company endeavors to create replicas of customers’ penises and vaginas using 3D technology. While some people are printing such toys in the comfort of their own home, others are hoping to personalize them in a more convenient manner.

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Printable Penises Are The Future Of Dildos

top news logoChristmas is coming, and there’s no better way to stuff the stocking of that special someone.3DEA, a pop-up 3D printing store in New York City, is offering customized dildos formed from laser scans — and 3D print-outs — of customers’ penises.

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MIT and Harvard researchers create 3D brain tissues in petri disk

daily kos logoUsing photomasking techniques similar to those developed for producing integrated circuit chips, scientists at MIT and Harvard have developed an inexpensive way of Creating 3D brain tissues in a lab dish, using brain cells from the primary cortex of rats, opening up new areas of brain and neural research.

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The amazing, uncertain, and super-personal future of 3D printed sex toys


Forget buying sex toys — Tom Nardone wants you to print them.

Nardone runs MakerLove, a website where he posts sex toy designs for 3D printer owners to try out. An engineer-turned-vibrator salesman, Nardone’s toys include the Hello Kitty-inspired Hello Pussycat, the tongue-shaped Organic Communicator, and the strangely but aptly named Freaky Freud. His work combines art with science, technology with pleasure.

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2012 was a year of expansion for 3D printing

As 3D printing expands its influence into mainstream culture, plenty of amazing things are happening. There are a lot of 3D printing companies expanding and getting more funding, but enterprising designers are finding more and more ways to use the fledgling printing technology. While some of these uses are a bit troubling (like piracy of copyrighted material and firearms), others show that, with enough ingenuity, 3D printing can change lives. Let’s take a look at some of the industry’s bigger stories from this year.

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Something for When You’re Out of Town

urban daddy logoYou’re always looking for a gift that really reflects who you are and your true feelings about the person you’re giving it to.

You’re sensitive like that.

Well, this is one way of doing things…

Embrace your odd sense of familiarity with The Personalized Sex Toy, a giftable pleasure-delivery vessel that’s an exact 3D-printed replica of your own vessel, reddening faces and changing lives at the 3DEA Pop Up.

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Pop-Up store 3DEA in New York offers customised 3D sex toys

3d printing buzz logoPop-Up store 3DEA in New York which opened for the holidays, allowing customers to print all kinds of things (jewellery, Xmas tree ornaments, toys…), has also been offering customised 3D sex toys. But by appointment only. reports.

You and your loved one will be greeted with champagne and chocolate. After a quick tutorial on how to perfect your scan, you can then enter the ShapeShot 3D scanning booth. The ShapeShot cams will capture you in your full glory and these 3D images will be used to print out a prototype on a 3D printer.

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New York Toy Collective

Chelsea and Parker from the New York Toy Collective jump on the show to talk about building a better sex toy. We talk about what inspired them to build their own toys, the science behind it, finding a penis model, how their families reacted to it and their adventures along the way.

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On the brink of a 3D revolution

marketing week logoThe traditional model of manufacturers making things and consumers buying them could be shattered by 3D printing technology.

Technology magazines have hailed 3D printing as a new industrial revolution, predicting a machine in every home and 3D-printed products covering anything from plates to planes. And for the first time consumers can own the means of production.

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Your next sex toy could come out of a 3D printer

io9 logoFinally, a use for 3D printers that we can all get behind! Two services are now available that can help you generate a sex toy from scratch by using a 3D printer — which can produce preconfigured dildos of various shapes, sizes, and colors. There’s even an option to create an exact replica of your very own genitals. But while the idea appears to be total win, the end results aren’t completely perfect — at least not yet.

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I love you, here’s a replica of my junk

The 3-D printing pop-up store at the Eventi hotel is offering the chance to have your genitalia scanned and reproduced. Plus, customizable gifts you may actually want to buy.

3DEA, a pop-up store that’s evangelizing about 3-D printing (No idea what this is? Watch the video at the end!) at the Eventi hotel, is reprising its personalized sex-toy scanning service. As in, a replica of your own [coughs].

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The 3D-Printed Sex Toy Industry Is Growing Bigger

Noah Kaplan is here to get his dick scanned. He gestures wildly, his bathrobe peeking open as he rapidly recounts why he’s doing this, going on and off the record about his sexual preferences. I can barely keep up. We’re in a room at the Eventi Hotel in Chelsea, where Kaplan is sitting in front of an impressive camera that can scan in three dimensions and create a virtual model of any object. Today, that camera is going to be used to scan Kaplan’s penis from several angles. Experts will then composite those scans into one image that will be printed out using a 3D printer, resulting in an exact, three-dimensional replica of the 26-year-old’s penis. This is the very beginning of the 3D-printed sex toy-industry, though you can scarcely call it an industry yet.

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3D DIY Sex Toys

The most exciting developing technology at the moment, 3D printing continues to present us with new and fascinating ways to bring just about anything to life in solid, customizable form. Novelty is one thing, however—true innovation is another. One industry showing huge growth in relation to 3D printing is that of sex toys.

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Hi-def 3D dick picks

One of the things I want to do, and then use as a backers’ reward, is cast a mold of my penis, from which to make dildos, candles, chocolates, and so on. The possibilities for ridiculous products are endless. (I also just think the idea is hilarious.) On the advice of Searah (owner of Early to Bed and all-around awesome gal) I emailed a few sex toy manufacturers, hoping for some advice and – maybe! – some help with the project. On Thursday, 12/6, I received an email from the New York Toy Collective.

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