Philly Trans Health Conference is Almost Here & We are SO EXCITED!

16th Anual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference Logo

Philly Trans Health Conference Logo

We’re so excited about the 16th annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference Thurs, Sept 7th – Sat, Sept 9th,  we can’t wait to tell you all about all the exciting stuff we’ll have at our booth!!!  The Philly Trans Health Conference is an all ages event, and general registration is FREE!

New York Toy Collective Factory Store Sign



First, we’ll be at PTHC with our New York Toy Collective Factory Store.  That means very special pricing for our *factory grade packers and STPs.  Live events, like Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, are the ONLY time we sell factory grade products, so it’s the perfect time to stock up.  Bundle up for even deeper discounts!


Sam Silicone STP in 4 skintones




Second, we’ll be debuting our STP packing strap for the first time ever!!!!  These straps will allow you to pack Sam‘s shaft up or down, and will also accommodate our silicone packers, Archer and Pierre.  We’ll have complimentary measuring tape as well as a dressing room so you’ll be guaranteed a perfect fit on the spot!  Sizes will accommodate a 14″ to 37″ thigh.  Stop by our booth early before your size sells out!  Don’t worry though, we can take your order at the conference and ship within 2 weeks, and we will take special orders for folks that fall outside of the stated size range!

Archer and Pierre Silicone Packers in Blue, Chocolate and Caramel




Third, we’ll also be introducing our magnetic packer pouches in navy and black!  These pouches measure 6″ long by 4″ wide and will accommodate Archer and Pierre perfectly, as well as any packers that size or smaller.  Just place the packer in the pouch and attach to any pair of boxers, briefs or even jock straps with super strong magnets that will hold up 9 lbs. of pulling and tugging.


Rainbow Layout of Mini Bullet Vibes



Finally, use the password “SUNSHINE” at our booth for a Free Bullet Vibe or NYTC Patch!

(No purchase required, limit one per customer while supplies last)




*Factory grade products have minor irregularities in pigment or shape, or a small air bubble.  We never sell imperfect products to our retailers, but these packers and STPs work perfectly, and most people would never notice the difference!

Ignite your Sex Life Series – Setting the Scene

Work stressing you out? School work keeping you up all night?  Everyone’s got reasons for skipping sexy time with their partner.  If you want to get things going again, one of the first things to consider is your physical space.  It’s like a garden, if you want to produce juicy fresh produce all summer long, you have to plan ahead, plant all your seeds and then weed and water that mother-fucker regularly!
First Step: Make a PlanDildos on a Drying Rack
  • Set a Time for your Sex Date
  • Clear your Schedule (Remember to give yourself time for warm-up and aftercare)
  • Arrange Babysitters/Petsitters
Step Two: Prepare the Physical Space
  • Clean the Room of Clutter
  • Change the Sheets (or clean whatever surface you plan to dirty)
  • Clean and Gather Your Sex Supplies (dildos, strap-on harness, anal plugs, lube, blindfolds, etc…) and put them within reach 
  • If you can, it might be worth it to splurge on a hotel room
    * cat staring at a naked person in bedSpecial Instructions for all you fur baby loving queers out there: 
  • Get the Dogs and Cats Sleeping in their own Beds!!! 
  • Find a Dog Bed or a Cat Tree (Budget tip: give them anything they like to lay on anyway like an old couch pillow or towel)
    • Short Term Solution: kick them out of the room & give them a special treat or toy to keep them busy
Step Three: Mood Setting Tips
  • Lower the Lights (lamps with dimmer switches, or keeping a lamp covering scarf handy are great alternatives to candles) 
  • Set aside some sex fuel for as long as you have planned
    • Water, seltzer/juice spritzers, wine or champagne are all great options
    • Fruit or other light snacks
  • Gather Fan, AC or space heater to maintain a comfortable temperature, considering how much clothing you will be wearing, and how active you plan to be
  • Consider audible distractions
    • If music isn’t your thing, get a white noise machine or use a fan outside the door


Hope this helps get the juices flowing!


<3 New York Toy Collective <3

How to: Sex Toy Go Bag

Dildo on Headboard with Lube, Vibrator, Nipple Clamps, Blindfold, and NJoy metal wandYou never know when or where the mood will strike, be prepared!  Perfect for  a spontaneous sexy trip, or play party, always be ready with some basic supplies!

  1. Sex Toys – YAYAYAYAYAYA!
    • Unless you’re already wearing our perfect pack and play Shilo, you’ll want your go-to dildo within reach
    • Anal plugs and Mini Vibes are great for added stimulation!
    • Nipple clamps and cock rings are super compact and easy to pack
  2. Accessories
    • Strapon Harness – we recommend the spare parts Joque, so comfortable, you can put it on before you go so you don’t waste a single second of sexy time
    • Blindfolds – limiting some senses can heighten others 😉
    • Scarves are great multi-purpose items! They can be blindfolds, restraints, even a harness!
    • Lube!  Water-based lubricants are recommended for use with silicone toys!  Silicone lube is super long lasting and is a great pairing for glass and metal toys.
  3. Safer Sex Supplies
    • If you aren’t able to wash off all the dust bunnies on your silicone toys, just throw a condom over it!
    • Innie Condoms are the most under-rated safer sex supply I know of. They are perfect for anal play, e
      specially when you want to use one toy in both your lover’s front hole and back hole.
    • Gloves, gloves, gloves. For when you don’t have time to wash your hands, they also make a great dental dam, especially great if you want to have a little pocket for your tounge/clit/dick.

Stay Safe and Have Fun!

<3 New York Toy Collective <3

New York Toy Collective July Giveaway!

We are so excited to hit 3000 followers on Instagram that we want to thank our fans with a July Giveaway!

Platypus Defy Categories Pin
New York Toy Collective is offering a brand new Defy Categories Platypus Pin, to one lucky winner for participating in our Instagram Giveaway! Hot on the heels of Pride Month, this pin is the perfect way to celebrate your gender queer pride and allyship.
To Enter:
  • Post a photo of yourself or something from your life to Instagram and
  • Tell us how you defy categories in the description or the comments
  • Include @NewYorkToyCollective & #NYTCGiveaway
  • Post by July 30th at midnight


A winner will be chosen and announced on July 31st.  The announcement will be made via Instagram.  Check your instagram DM for details about redeeming your prize! Be sure to check out the awesome pin designer, JB Brager and their amazing work on Instagram.

Good Luck Category Breakers!

Platypus Defy Categories

Platypus PinPlati is an orginal piece of art was commission from JB Brager as part of our new local artist series- where we partner with artists to create awesome projects. This is our first project a Platypus pin and we couldn’t be happier.

The Platypus is an amazing animal. They look really cool, they are the only mammal that lays eggs, they have bills, beaver tails and literally have venom in their ankles. To top it off- Platypuses and dolphins are the only animals that have somatosensory so when I say they are amazing they really are.

You might be wondering why all this platypus talk?  The platypus defies categories, rules and expectations. Scientists used to talk about it as a hybrid animals but I think it of it as more of a perfect evolution. It has a lot of awesome features and language and taxonomy just doesn’t know what to do with it. To this day there is no universal plural- is it platypuses? platypus? Platypli? Platypodes? you decide, they are all great choices.

The Platypus questions the way we have been taught to talk about categories, science and absolutes. The platypus lives its own life. It is perfect just the way it is, it has everything it needs and doesn’t need to fit in the lines.

This month for Pride we give you a Platypus DEFY CATEGORIES.

Go big or go home…or stay and work up to it.

Leroy Silicone DildoThere has been a social media buzz about Leroy. Well, here it is. We debuted Leroy at a trade show earlier this year to a great reception. Such a great reception that we’ve been filling wholesale orders non-stop! Horray for our amazing retails. You can buy Leroy from our good friends at Babeland, Pleasure Chest, Good Vibrations, and Come as You are.  In the past few months folks have been buying Leroy and posting it and wondering why it isn’t on our site…well now it is. Leroy is in all 4 skintones- shipping now.

Leroy is big and girthy.  Seriously big and girth. Our biggest dildo by far. We’re talking 9.5 inches of insertable length and 2.5 around. Leory is intact with detailed foreskin- yay forekskin! The foreskin not only looks beautiful but helps for create a smoother ride (less friction).   Leroy is dual density silicone with a posable core (just like Shilo, Carter and Mason) but bigger and heartier. Leroy works with O-ring harness or as a stand alone for solo play.

So go really big with Leroy or choose something smaller and work your way up (or don’t) – no matter what you decide- play save and have a good time.

Thanks for the love and support.

Stand to Pee

An overview of why someone might want to stand to pee from public bathrooms, camping and combat.

As the owners of adult toy company New York Toy Collective we’ve had countless requests for a representational silicone STP (Stand-To- Pee). For those that are unfamiliar with STPs, they are products that allow folks without penises to pee while standing up.



STPs come in a variety of forms, the two most common forms are representational (looks like a penis) and non-representational (does not look like a penis). In March of 2016 New York Toy Collective debuted Sam a representational silicone STP available in four skin tones. For those looking for a non-representational STP we offer the PStyle in a variety of colors. In fact, STP devices are so helpful that are given to women in US Military during deployment to Iraq.

Standing up to pee is useful in many situations. For some people that identify as transgender or as gender non-conforming, standing up to pee can be essential in public rest rooms or urinals. Not all transgender or gender non-conforming people use STPs; some people do, and some people don’t. Some people find that STPs (and packers) help with dysphoria and confidence, while others use them as a matter of safety, and some simply for the aesthetic.

PStyle Blue

PStyle Sold By New York Toy Collective

STPs offer a great convenience for those that do not identify as transgender or gender non-conforming. Standing up to pee is offers connivence, safety and ease. Standing up to pee makes using public rest rooms, particularly dirty ones, much easier- they are also great for nightclubs, and camping trips. For those of us that are used to traveling and squatting or lining dirty wet toilets bowls standing to pee offers a great convenience saving time, energy, and peace of mind.


It’s our 4 year anniversary! Buy together and save

We’re celebrating our 4 year anniversary! For a limited time get a great deal when you buy one dildo and one love bump together!  We’re offering our best selling bendable dildos or Ellis with a love bump all at awesome prices. Choose a silicone dildo and choose a love bump, then use the coupon code ILoveNYTC and $10 off your total purchase.

Transparent features Mason by New York Toy Collective

New York Toy Collective’s Mason made a surprise cameo in Transparent (Season 2 Episode 5).

Despite having no formal acting training, Mason stole the scene among two very talnted actors Gaby Hoffmann and Carrie Brownstein.


Mason refused to use a stunt double for the action scenes calming “I’m very realistic and my fans would have it no other way.”


Transparent won five Emmy awards for season one and there’s talk Mason is a shoe in for “Best Choreography” and “Best Silicone Dildo In a Musical or Comedy”.

See the full clip of Mason’s appearance below and go here to pick up Mason, silicone dildo of the stars.

Orange Is The New Black star Ruby Rose Sports The Shilo

Ruby rose wearing handcuffsRuby Rose is the latest in a long line of happy users who have found the happiness that coms from having a toy from New York Toy collective.

The newest cast member from Orange Is The New Black donned our best selling toy the Shilo in her new music video Break Free.

Ruby describes the video as “A short film about gender roles, Trans, and what it is like to have an identity that deviates from the status quo.”.  You can see it below and our cameo at the 3:29 mark.

But wait there’s more.  Ruby released a behind the scenes look of the making of the Break Free video where she not only wears it but puts it to work.



This isn’t the last you’ll see a New York Toy Collective product in the news. We predict TV stars from other big shows will be seen proudly wearing our products. So watch closely the next time you’re viewing Game Of Thrones,  Supergirl, or the upcoming Republican debates.

You can see the whole behind the scenes video below (Shilo cameo at the 3:20 mark )


Happy Pride! Join Us This Saturday For Workshops, Giveaways and More

NYC Pride ParadeJoin us at the PLEASURE CHEST UES from 1-4 for a PRE- DYKE March workshop

Join us for Pre-Dyke March mimosas as The Pleasure Chest UES teams up with New York Toy Collective to bring you a celebration of queer sex in all its forms. Mini-workshops include: Packing for Sex in Semi-Public Spaces, Bondage on the Go, and Suck It, Lick It, Love It! All attendees will be entered to win an exclusive limited edition Carter dildo, and other assorted prizes.

Day: Saturday, June 27 1-4 pm
Location: The Pleasure Chest 1150 2nd Ave (off 59th street)