Playtime: Curated Silicone Imports by NYTC

Introducing our new line of curated silicone imports, Playtime by NYTC! We are so pumped to be able to offer these amazingly high quality products at an accessible price point! We're especially excited about our all inclusive strap-on harness & dildo kits.  These kits come with 2 … [Read more...] about Playtime: Curated Silicone Imports by NYTC

Anti-Depressants and Orgasms

I suffer from anxiety and depression, particularly OCD.  I've tried many different medications throughout the years, and about a year ago, I found an an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety med that I'm actually happy with! Hurrah! It was part of a class of drugs called a tricyclic anti-depressant, one with … [Read more...] about Anti-Depressants and Orgasms

Playtime by NYTC

It is October, or as we like to all it Cocktober and we’re so pleased to finally announce our playtime line. Playtime has been a long long long time coming. Folks have been asking us for anal toys and more affordable options for a while and we’re so excited that we were finally able to make the … [Read more...] about Playtime by NYTC

Is it Grad School or a Strip Club?

I recently left my PhD program in Polymer Science and Engineering because #MeToo.  I wasn’t forced out, but I had put 4 years into the program, was on my second research advisor, and it was getting more costly to be there than not to be. So I left to make silicone dildos full time.  Luckily, I have … [Read more...] about Is it Grad School or a Strip Club?

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