Model wearing long white mid length binder
Model wearing long white mid length binder
Model wearing a new york toy collective binder under a button up shirt in profile showing off a flat chest
Model wearing a new york toy collective binder under a button up shirt with the top 2 buttons undone
Model wearing long white mid length binder in profile showing a flat chest
Model wearing a new york toy collective binder under a button up shirt in profile showing off a flat chest
Model wearing long white tank top style binder
Model wearing long white tank top style binder
Model wearing long tank top style binder
Model wearing a new york toy collective binder under a crew neck t-shirt
Model wearing long tank top style binder
Model wearing long white tank top style binder viewed from the back
Model wearing a new york toy collective binder under a v-neck t-shirt
a model in a t-shirt with a tape measure wrapped underneath the models armpits
a model in a t-shirt with a tape measure wrapped around the fullest part of the models chest
Model wearing long white mid length binder


(12 customer reviews)



Introducing our very own binders. You asked and we did it, we designed a moisture wicking binder. We made the pattern, sourced materials and had them made right here in the USA. Available in Long or Mid length these binders give you a secure and comfortable bind.

What makes our binders different?

The design–  We spent months working with one of the most acclaimed pattern makers in the USA.

Features more mobility for your arms and upper back offering a more comfortable fit without compromising front compression.

Low neck for button downs and v-necks

Additional stitching for a finished look and durability

The Materials

Moisture wicking lining to help keep you dry and comfortable

The outside is designed for stealth, a matte white which resembles a typical undershirt

• XSmall – 32-33″
• Small – 34-35″
• Medium – 36-37″
• Large – 38-40″
• XL  – 41-43″
• XXL  – 44-46″


To find your size, use a tape measure *alternatively, you can use string and a ruler*.  (1) Wrap the tape measure under your armpits above the breast tissue.  (2) Wrap the tape measure around your body at the point where you experience the maximum breast tissue. The average of these two measurements is your binder size *{(1) + (2)} / 2*. Round up for looser fit, round down for a more snug fit. Many folks find they wear one size smaller on our size charts than other binder brands.



These binders are handmade so sometimes we are a little slow or backordered- please be patience everyone will get their binder, it just might take an extra week.


12 reviews for Binders

  1. Arien

    I love the low neckline but I wish it was a little lower so it wasn’t visible under sleeveless shirts (like “wife beaters”) and I wish the arm pit hole was lower for the same reason. I also wish it was tighter underneath the breasts (like GC2B binders) so it wouldn’t shift around so much, especially when I exercise and also so it wouldn’t show underneath my shirts (it shows as a line, especially under light-colored shirts). I also wish it came in a smaller size than XS (I’m a muscular 5’5” 120lb pre-t ftm who is a 32A/32B and I found GC2B’s size small a perfect fit). Lastly, I wish it came in more color options. But the lower-than-usual neckline has allowed me to wear shirts with wider and lower necklines than other binders so I enjoy using it and I recommend having at least one. I have a long version as well and it does look like an undershirt and therefore works great under my light-colored collared work shirts. It does have a fairly wrinkly appearance though so I have to keep tugging it to straighten it out, but I like how tight it is around my hips—it helps hide the womanly shape. Overall I’m very happy with it.

  2. Darren

    So much better than I was expecting. I have so much range of motion in my back. Why did it take me so long to find these?

  3. Jace

    I’ve been wearing binders for the past 12 years and this is the most comfortable one I’ve found.

  4. Jessie

    I love the feel and the cut but they run a little big, so size down.

  5. Darian

    Very comfortable and well fitting. I’ve never been able to breathe so easy all day long in any other binder.

  6. Dragon

    I love this binder. I got the shorter style. It digs into my pits a lil bit cus I’m a tad chonky but it’s not too bad. It’s p comfy I can wear it all day. Binds really well. A little hard to get on without ripping and having a hard time since I’m new to binders but I learned the trick p fast and haven’t had trouble since. I have another binder that has clasps all along the side toake getting in and out easier which I like a lot. Maybe NYTC could make on like that as well. All in all its a quality binder and I love it. I did rip the end seem a tiny bit with my first use of it, not too bad though. So if your new like I am just be careful and make sure you put it on slow and make sure it doesn’t bunch. Grab the bottom and pull that down slowly first. If it bunches it’ll be terribly difficult to get on.
    Thanks NYTC!

  7. Sid

    It fits great but I would prefer longer. I’m 5’6” 150 athletic build. I’m very active at work and I have to keep tugging on the front to keep from riding up. I love the way it feels and I don’t get hot in it and it’ keeps me warm on cold mornings at work.. just wish it was longer so it would stay in my tucked in my pants.

  8. Felice

    Great really comfortable have tried a few different brands and this is by far the best in fit and comfort. Really happy. Will be buying more.

  9. Alex (they/them)

    Bought one of these at a local toy and LGBTQ shop a year ago and it is AMAZING! I have chronic pain and even sports bras are unbearable sore after a few hours from the band. My (mid length) binder hurts my back less than most sports bras while offering great compression, breathability, and movement. I’m also autistic and have a lot of sensory issues with clothing textures and have to say that the texture is very soft and gentle on the skin, even after many machine washes. I can wear this sometimes for hours and forget I’m wearing anything under my shirt at all, which is incredible honestly because I’m the type to be driven to distraction by the seam on my socks if they rotate or clothing tags and seams that I can feel.
    Cannot recommend this enough. It’s gentle stretchy fabric and large arm and neck holes also make it easier to take off than almost every sports bra and binder I’ve tried, which means I can wear it even when my shoulder mobility is an issue from an old injury.
    Sorry for ranting, I just cannot recommend my binder by this company enough. If they ever make it in black I am buying another without blinking even if I have to ration food to pay for it.

  10. M

    I bought this for my partner as a gift. We ordered the small mid length binder (they usually wear a medium in other binders). It fit perfectly and they said it’s the most comfortable binder they have ever worn 🙂 super happy with it!

  11. Liam

    I ordered two L’s, one mid and full length. They both are the most comfy a binders I have ever worn and they do their job well. I was a little scared with slipping on the mid length as I could hear some of the fabric stretching while getting into it, which wasn’t an issue with the full length.
    I would give this five stars if it weren’t for the looseness at the bottom of the mid-length binder which felt a bit awkward and bothersome and slightly visible under some shirts. I was able to pull at the back of the binder to minimize some looseness but I still wish it fit as firmly as my full length one.

  12. M

    I really like this binder. It’s soft (extremely important for those of us who are turned off at scratchy textures), slightly stretchy at the openings (perfect for newbies like me) and minimally constrictive along the rib cage so you can breathe and move freely.
    The reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is I think it is a bit loose in terms of typical binder sizes. I got an XS and it feels like I have to work a bit to get things adjusted properly and stay that way. Maybe there needs to be a wider range of sizes, on both ends of the spectrum? My full-length binder (different brand) is a S and it just fits. So these definitely fit on the larger side of what you would normally buy.
    All in all, so comfortable. Definitely recommend.

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