Packer Pouch with magnetic closure
Packer Pouch with magnetic closure
Packer Pouch with magnetic closure
Packer Pouch with magnetic closure
Packer Pouch with magnetic closure
Packer Pouch with magnetic closure

Packer Pouch with magnetic closure

(2 customer reviews)


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Can I wear my packer if I bike to work?
What about out dancing?

Yes, Yes and Yes.

This pouch easily fits into any undies and is holds your packer securely with strong magnets.

Now you can turn any underwear into packing underwear.

Compatible with all styles: briefs, boxer briefs, boxers, jock straps, and more.

Packing pouch measures 4 1/4″ x 6″ and will accommodate the Archer and Pierre or any other packers that are the same size or smaller than the Archer and Pierre packers.To use, simply slide your packer into the pouch, place the pouch inside your underwear & fold the flap over the top of your underwear’s waist band. The included magnets will hold the pouch in place.

The included magnets have 12lbs of pull strength, and will securely hold your packer all day long. Remember that magnets are strongest when they’re closest together!

*Silicone Packers sold separately*

2 reviews for Packer Pouch with magnetic closure

  1. Chris

    This pouch has made packing easy for me. Although I wish it had stronger magnets for some of my underwear that have thicker layers and no modifying holes, this pouch has been able to secure my Archer packer (an AMAZING packer btw) very well. The packing pouch makes packing more comfortable since it is so soft and gives my packer a more natural sway of sorts when I’m moving about. I have the black one and I believe the only thing I would have against this is that it dyed my packer purple-ish, but that went away after a wash or two. I’d recommend this to everyone looking for an easy way to pack with normal sized packers. Just wash it first.

  2. Griff

    I’ve been wearing my Archer packer in this pouch for about 24 hours and I’m pretty impressed with the product. Like the other reviewer I would say that stronger magnets would be good but so far I’ve had good luck with the current ones. One tip is make sure you wear undies with good elastic. I tried an old pair at first and the packer is heavy enough that there was some serious droopage. Brilliant design, NYTC!

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