Packer Pouch ! Turn any underwear into Packing Underwear with our magnetic closure

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Packer Pouch is a simple solution for a complex problem. Just attach this pouch to your regular underwear in any of the four available colors and you’re ready to go. No need for special packing underwear. Simply wash before use, place your packer inside, and secure with the magnetic closure. The pouch holds your packer snugly and discreetly so you can workout at the gym, go for a run or just go about your day with confidence. Packer Pouch – add a packer and go.

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Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × .75 × 4.6 in

Blue, Black, Gray, Red, Purple


Tired of stuffing your packer into your undies and hoping for the best? Say goodbye to that hassle with the Packer Pouch! This magnetic closure attaches discreetly to any pair of underwear, instantly transforming them into packing underwear. Simply place your packer into the pouch, secure the magnetic closure, then go about your day with peace of mind that your packer will stay put. Available in black, blue, red, purple and gray, the stretchy, breathable fabric blend is comfortable and discreet. Plus, it’s easy to wash before initial use and in between wear. Whether you’re headed to school, running errands or just lounging at home, the Packer Pouch provides a simple solution for comfortably and securely packing any day of the week.

31 reviews for Packer Pouch ! Turn any underwear into Packing Underwear with our magnetic closure

  1. Jackson

    Better than I expect.

  2. Jackson

    People are saying they didn’t wash it before they used it…but it’s like underwear of course you wash it. The pouch has magnets which hold your packer in place inside your boxers. It works pretty well and mean you don’t have to wear packing underwear.

  3. Zane

    My Gf loves it

  4. Michael

    The product is firmly packed.

  5. Cam

    Very fast delivery.

  6. Avery

    Very Good times

  7. Julian

    Good quality.

  8. Zohar

    Great for solo play.

  9. Eddie


  10. Mateo

    Really nice

  11. Bryan

    My Gf loves it

  12. Coren

    My Boyfriend Loves it!

  13. Zach

    Great for travel!

  14. Dale

    Great for travel!

  15. Emma


  16. Eli

    Really good

  17. Mateo

    Better in person

  18. Olivia

    Fast delivery

  19. Matthew

    Came faster than I expected

  20. Max

    My Boyfriend Loves it!

  21. Liam

    Fast delivery

  22. Lucas

    I’m hooked, why did I wait so long?

  23. Ryker

    My Gf loves it

  24. Kurt

    Really nice

  25. Jerfar

    Really good

  26. Oliver

    Really nice

  27. Mia

    Brought this as a gift, they loved it

  28. Cal

    I would definitely buy this again. It made packing possible for me. I did not though read the reviews and wash my black pouch first so my packer was dyed purple. I washed it after but the color purple never went away. I didnt mind though. I used this pouch with the archer for about two years. I did have issues with it falling apart. At first the magnet came out. I tried replacing the magnets with stronger ones but ended up just using a safty pin to pit it to my underwear. That worked great. After about a year the stitching on the sides started to come undone. Its still useable, but I don’t know that it would have survived another year

  29. E.M.

    Wash this before you use it!! The dye on these things bleeds. I forgot to wash it for a few days initially and my packer ended up turning a bit reddish – not a huge deal, but something I think I would’ve tried to avoid if I’d known it would happen.

    That aside – in general, I think this pouch lives up to the “turn any underwear into packing underwear” promise. I’ve had some issues with the pouch falling out/moving out of place and/or the magnets disconnecting and generally being weird, but it’s usually when I go to the bathroom, and it’s not too hard to fix. Once you figure out the best way to position your packer in the pouch, the pouch in your undies, and your undies in your pants (easier than it might sound), it’s generally reliable and pretty useful!

  30. Griff

    I’ve been wearing my Archer packer in this pouch for about 24 hours and I’m pretty impressed with the product. Like the other reviewer I would say that stronger magnets would be good but so far I’ve had good luck with the current ones. One tip is make sure you wear undies with good elastic. I tried an old pair at first and the packer is heavy enough that there was some serious droopage. Brilliant design, NYTC!

  31. Chris

    This pouch has made packing easy for me. Although I wish it had stronger magnets for some of my underwear that have thicker layers and no modifying holes, this pouch has been able to secure my Archer packer (an AMAZING packer btw) very well. The packing pouch makes packing more comfortable since it is so soft and gives my packer a more natural sway of sorts when I’m moving about. I have the black one and I believe the only thing I would have against this is that it dyed my packer purple-ish, but that went away after a wash or two. I’d recommend this to everyone looking for an easy way to pack with normal sized packers. Just wash it first.

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