Wonder Wand

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The Wonder Wand from New York Toy Collective is a magical little friend for moments you want to make marvelous. Powered by a rechargeable USB battery, this glittery silicone wand delivers vibrations that feel like a chorus of fireflies dancing under your skin. Simply switch it on and let the silicone head work its feel-good wonders. Designed for targeted tension taming, the Wonder Wand offers an easy way to escape into a world of your own making, if only for a moment. So go on, find your magic. Wave your Wonder Wand and let the glitter fall where it may…


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(112 customer reviews)

112 reviews for Wonder Wand

  1. Charlie

    Feels great and looks great!

  2. Skyler

    As someone who can only orgasm with clit stimulation I’m always on the hunt for a good wand. This toy is amazing.

  3. Aria

    Fantastic, The most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had.

  4. Pahe

    My first one lived a legendary life, delivering endless orgasms. Now I’m on my second, money well spent

  5. Patrick

    Good quality.

  6. Tina

    Really beautiful

  7. Daniel

    My Boyfriend Loves it!

  8. Eddie

    Very fast delivery.

  9. Mateo

    I’m hooked, why did I wait so long?

  10. Mateo

    The product is firmly packed.

  11. Kevin

    Very well worth the money.

  12. Kevin

    Came faster than I expected

  13. Davis


  14. Riley

    Very Good times

  15. Ave

    This guy always gets the job done, if things are not progressing with a partner. Once I discovered the different vibrations, I thought I was going to blast into space

  16. Coren

    Very Good times

  17. Tyler

    Great for solo play.

  18. Kai

    First off, this is by far the most beautiful vibrator I have ever owned. I love how it feels, this is my go to wand, its literally all a girl needs.

  19. Michael

    Came faster than I expected

  20. Richard

    Very fast delivery.

  21. Winter

    This feels so good, its honestly a $100 wand for half the price.

  22. JT


  23. Mark

    Better than I expect.

  24. Avery

    Came faster than I expected

  25. Madison

    I got my first orgasm through this vibrator. I like that the external is soft and not brittle. It definitely is strong.

  26. Michael

    Great for solo play.

  27. Michael

    Great for solo play.

  28. Auburn

    This wand is everything I’ve been searching for!

  29. Dale


  30. Aspen

    This wand really packs a punch. I’m always amazed at how well it works. Every time I’ve pulled it out, it’s delivered the goods without fail. f you’re looking for reliability and performance, you can’t go wrong with the wonder wand total 10/10.

  31. Blair

    It’s not just a wand—it’s MAGIC.

  32. Nathaniel

    The product is firmly packed.

  33. Eddie

    I’m hooked, why did I wait so long?

  34. Eddie


  35. Paul

    Very fast delivery.

  36. Mx. Riot

    Really nice

  37. Kayden

    Great for travel!

  38. Rock

    Really nice

  39. William

    The product is firmly packed.

  40. Zach

    Great for solo play.

  41. Finely

    I love it, easy to use and feels great. I love the silicone head super easy to clean .

  42. Cam

    I’m hooked, why did I wait so long?

  43. Kevin

    My Gf loves it

  44. Myla

    Wow, this toy really packs a punch! It’s definitely my new go-to. I mean, I barely got started with it the first time before I was done. Like, two minutes, tops! And don’t even get me started on round two – I was a hot mess after just ten more minutes. Let me tell you, I now have a waterproof blanket because this thing is a straight-up geyser. Totally took me by surprise the first time.
    If you’re looking for an upgrade, this one comes highly recommended from me. Seriously, it’s on another level.

  45. Julian

    My Gf loves it

  46. Tammy

    This is the only toy I use, the rest are collecting dust.

  47. Dee

    This wand is truly amazing and feels incredible—definitely a 10/10, highly recommend!

  48. Logan

    I love to use this wand with my partner for scissoring 20/10

  49. Aiden

    Very fast delivery.

  50. Emmerson

    This is completely part of my self care routine once in the morning and once in the evening, it gets as much use as my Sonicare

  51. Ava

    Brought this as a gift, they loved it

  52. Rake

    Wow, this cordless wand really delivers the goods! It is just soft enough but still with some firmness. It provides just the right stimulation, exactly the what I need before bed. Thank you NYTC

  53. Kevin

    I’m hooked, why did I wait so long?

  54. Elijan

    Better in person

  55. Thrombin

    Love it

  56. Skyler

    I take a medication that makes it hard to orgasm so I wasn’t looking for a toy with a lot of power. I will say this wand is a bit loud but its the only wand that can consistently bring me to orgasm, thank you nytc.

  57. PJ

    This wand always gets the job done. My mind was blown… I was about to leave the planet! It was super intense.

  58. Bella

    I bought this vibrator it’s pretty cool i like the color and the material feels nice and smooth it’s pretty large and loud the vibration is powerful and it’s also fun to use sometimes as a microphone, overall i reccomend it

  59. Casey

    Girls, Gays and theys… it’s so powerful and feels soooooo good 10000/10 would recommend.

  60. Mia

    The Wonder wand is my first wand toy. I typically a manual girl, so I wasn’t sure I’d like the Wonder Wand. Once I figured out what settings worked best for me, it quickly became a favorite! If your plus sized or struggle with mobility, it’s super easy to use.

  61. Avery

    With great power comes great responsibility. This wand is so powerful, I love it. The motor is really strong so it is on the louder side, but I just add some white noise, so its all good.

  62. Marlowe

    I’ve been using wands for years, this is was my first time trying a NYTC wand, it definitely delivers, I’m converted.

  63. Rowan

    My therapist suggested self exploration, I picked this wand because it was glittery and queer. I’m so glad I didn’t. The wand is really easy to use as someone who is disabled, trans with limited mobility it really helps with my anxiety. The organism are so strong that the pleasure overrides my dysphoria. Thank you NYTC

  64. Emma

    If you are thinking about buying this, don’t think twice , literally just add it to your cart right now very easy to use and very beginner friendly. Works miracles. I am definitely going to look into buying their other stuff too. Only con is it is a little on the louder side. But I couldn’t recommend it enough

  65. Emma

    Fast delivery

  66. Elijan

    Love it

  67. Taylor

    I’ve tried a much of wands, this one is super strong for the half the price.

  68. Reese

    I saw this Vibe on IG and honestly brought it because it was so cute, but it actually F-ing amazing. NYTC bringing the Os

  69. Salem

    Feels great, cheers to queer joy

  70. Jax

    Love it

  71. Luna

    Really nice

  72. Oliva

    This beautiful wand always makes me smile and organism. Beautiful, reliable, and strong- the perfect partner

  73. Sophia

    Really good

  74. Jess

    This wand not only brings a smile to my face, but also delivers amazing pleasure!

  75. Harbor

    I was skeptical at first. Most toys have left me disappointed, making me question if something was wrong with me. But then, I found this. WOW. It completely redefined my expectations.

  76. Sawyer

    Feels amazing

  77. Nova

    This wand will make your forget your ex.

  78. Eden

    This toy is all I need.

  79. luna shanderville

    wife orgasamed lots of times it’s a real crowd pleaser 10/10

  80. Morgan

    Alright, so if you’re thinking about getting this, don’t even hesitate – just toss it in your cart right now. It’s super simple to use, even for total beginners. This thing really works wonders. I’m definitely going to check out some of their other products too. The only downside is it’s a little on the loud side. But I really can’t say enough good things about it!

  81. Sarah

    As a bigger girl I appreciate the large handle and head

  82. AJ

    Oh man, this Wonder Wand thing is no joke! It’s really powerful, so only try it if you can handle an intense experience haha. I can like, finish multiple times with it, which is crazy. And the battery lasts forever – my first one lasted two whole years before I needed a new one. If you’re looking for something really strong, I totally recommend giving it a try.

  83. Candy

    I love it

  84. Sophia

    Holy crap this toy is the most amazing weapon in my arsenal. I have never cum so hard or so fast. Upon first use, I came in like 2 minutes. After 10 minutes I was a babbling mess. I had to invest in a waterproof blanket after the spray of my release left me with no blankets and no pillows.
    I can’t recommend this product enough!

  85. Toni

    As a plus-size girl, I absolutely love the extra-long handle and the bigger brush head—it makes everything so much easier and more comfortable!

  86. Robin

    So my girlfriend and I were looking for something to spice things up in the bedroom. We wanted a toy that could provide external stimulation, for her. Well let me tell ya, this magic wand is awesome. The silicone head bends and flexes so you can hit all the right spots.

  87. Sage

    This wand is an essential part of my evening wind down

  88. Nika

    So I just got my first wand toy, it’s called the Wonder Wand. Normally I don’t use toys much, you know, I prefer doing things manually. But once I played around with it and found the right settings, wow this thing became one of my favorites real fast! And if you’re bigger bodied or have issues moving around much, it’s super simple to operate. Really packs a punch too for how easy it is to handle.

  89. TIna

    So, if you’re in the market for something that truly elevates your experience, take it from me—this is a must-have. It’s a powerhouse that takes things to a whole new level!

  90. Tammy

    So this dude, he always gets the work taken care of if things aren’t moving forward with someone he’s working with. One time when I was checking out the different vibration settings, I thought for a second it was about to launch me into orbit or something! It was pretty intense.

  91. Ocean

    I own a bunch of NYTC dildos, and the bullet vibes, I love them all- this wand is no exception. Feels great, looks great, cheers to a queer joy

  92. Phoenix

    Oh yeah, this wand really packs a punch. I’m always amazed at how well it works – it’s seriously powerful but easy to use. Every time I’ve pulled it out, it’s delivered the goods without fail. It may not be the flashiest wand on the shelf, but it gets the job done time after time. If you’re looking for reliability and performance, you can’t go wrong here. This thing is a total 10/10

  93. Jane

    My first one died, truth be told it lived a beautiful life bringing me countless orgasm, my second wonder wand as stepped up and is bringing me oh so much joy, money well spent

  94. Ruby

    This was my first NYTC Vibe, I love Shilo and Carter and I am so happy I got the wonder wand. This vibe had a great range form low to high so me high, I’m really impressed with the quality and design

  95. KItty

    Just seeing this wand makes me grin from ear to ear… But using it? Now, that’s a whole other level of bliss!

  96. Jules

    I love the wonder wand more than my ex.

  97. Sawyer

    I’m more of a penetration person but this wand is fantastic,

  98. Ellery

    This wand always puts a smile on my face and feels A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and lifts my spirits. It’s gorgeous, dependable, and sturdy – truly the perfect companion.

  99. Jordan

    I got this toy for my girlfriend, I was was looking for something with a long handle so that I could hold it during anal, we love it.

  100. Hayden

    Oh man, this was my first wand. I was a little nervous going into it since most toys I’ve tried in the past just didn’t really do it for me. Used to think there was something wrong with me but this thing, whoa boy, it totally changed the game. The way it feels in your hand is just amazing, like nothing else I’ve experienced before. Total game changer.

  101. Briar

    Wow, this thing feels amazing. For only $50 bucks you’re getting the experience of a $100 wand. What a steal!

  102. Leah

    What was I doing living without a wand? Do yourself a favor and buy it- you won’t be disappointed. It’s easy to charge, holds the charge for a good long while, and the materials are nice.

  103. Bailey

    This is the only toy I need.

  104. B

    I wanted a cordless wand, this one more than delivers. I love the silicone head it is the perfect mix of softness and firmness and it always delivers. The Wonder Wand literally puts me to sleep every night. Thank you NYTC

  105. Noa

    I walked into this with some serious doubts—most toys just didn’t cut it for me, making me question if I was the problem. But then, I met this little marvel. Whoa, talk about a revelation! The sensation in my hand? Absolutely mind-blowing. This isn’t just a toy; it’s a game-changing masterpiece.

  106. River

    I was looking for vibe that for me and my girlfriend we wanted something for external pleasure, this wand is fantastic. The heads is silicone and bend so you can get all of the angles. We love it.

  107. Carly

    As a plus-size girl, I absolutely love the long handle and bigger head!

  108. Isabella

    The Wonder Wand is super strong-definitely not for the weak of heart haha. I can orgasm over and over with this and it has a long battery life. My first one lasted 2 years and I just bought my second one. I highly recommend this !!!

  109. Spencer

    I feel like this wand was designed by a mythical queer fairy, its so pretty and powerful, looking at it makes me smile and using it always makes me cum. It also doubles as a back massager

  110. Dylan

    Wow, this wand is incredible! Thank you NYTC

  111. Harper

    Okay, listen up. You really need the Wonder Wand, like right now. Don’t even hesitate, just toss it in your cart immediately. It’s super simple to use, feels amazing, cheerful and shiny, Total lifestyle upgrade! But seriously, you have to get this – it’s amazing!

  112. Rory

    Powerful, and delivers everytime 10/10

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