Anti-Depressants and Orgasms

I suffer from anxiety and depression, particularly OCD.  I’ve tried many different medications throughout the years, and about a year ago, I found an an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety med that I’m actually happy with! Hurrah! It was part of a class of drugs called a tricyclic anti-depressant, one with particularly severe sexual side effects. While I felt like a brand new person, unfortunately so did my clitoris, a brand new clitoris that didn’t like or even feel any of the stimulation I used to love.  Rubbing my clitoris was about as pleasurable as rubbing my big toe.  None of my old tricks worked.  My newly numb clitoris didn’t register a single tingle.  If not for the amazing anti-anxiety results I was experiencing, I would have been devastated.  Unwilling to give up my new medicated brain, I set out to relearn pleasure with a medicated clitoris.

While my unmedicated clitoris never enjoyed vibrators, especially buzzy ones, I’d heard things about vibrations, that they could send signals to your brain faster than other sensations (it’s called “vibrational anesthesia” and “gate control theory”), and that certain types of vibrations can penetrate deeper into tissue than other sensations as well (that’s just physics and constructive waves, Hey Epiphora’s blog has the best demo of Buzzy v. Rumbly vibrations), so I set out to research the most powerful, most intensely rumbly vibrators on the market.  After and exhaustive search of product reviews, I settled on 4 vibes:

  1. The Rechargable Magic Wand – A classic

    rechargeable magic wand
    Magic Wand
  2. The Lelo Sona Cruise – A new sonic vibrator, claims to stimulate 75% more of your clitoris than a traditional vibe
  3. The Tango by WeVibe – considered the most rumbly of all bullet vibes
  4. The rechargeable bullet vibe by NYTC – because it’s already a steal, and I get a great employee discount

The difference in sensation was immediate, all of these vibrators were instantly added to the top of my sex toy rotation. Each performs a special function for my medicated clitoris.  If you have found your medicated clit similarly muted, I hope you’ll find my input on these products useful.

  1. Pros: The Magic Wand is powerful and dumby proof.  Great for use with a partner, since there’s pretty much no wrong way to use it.  Cons: the magic wand is big, bulky and loud
  2. Pros: The Sona Cruise is jaw droppingly good at breaking through my tricyclic anti-depressant clitoral blockade, and I LOVE the different vibrating modes.  Cons: My clit was almost immediately sent to orgasm overload. There is a steep learning curve on this vibe.
  3. Pros: The Tango is the strongest mini vibe I’ve ever tried, my preferred vibe for travel.  Cons: Bullet Vibes and Mini vibes will never be as strong as their larger cousins.
  4. Pros: The NYTC rechargeable vibe is almost as good as the tango, and at 1/3 the price! It’s also small enough to fit into all my bullet vibe accepting silicone.  Cons: It isn’t quite as strong as the tango.

    Dark Box with a Black Bullet Vibe Pictured, Text reads Rechargeable Vibe 10 modes by New York Toy Collective
    Bullet Vibe

I hope you fellow neurodivergent, medicated, or differently abled folks found this short guide to having orgasms, even with reduced clitoral sensation, helpful!  Cheers!

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