Platypus Defy Categories

Platypus PinPlati is an orginal piece of art was commission from JB Brager as part of our new local artist series- where we partner with artists to create awesome projects. This is our first project a Platypus pin and we couldn’t be happier.

The Platypus is an amazing animal. They look really cool, they are the only mammal that lays eggs, they have bills, beaver tails and literally have venom in their ankles. To top it off- Platypuses and dolphins are the only animals that have somatosensory so when I say they are amazing they really are.

You might be wondering why all this platypus talk?  The platypus defies categories, rules and expectations. Scientists used to talk about it as a hybrid animals but I think it of it as more of a perfect evolution. It has a lot of awesome features and language and taxonomy just doesn’t know what to do with it. To this day there is no universal plural- is it platypuses? platypus? Platypli? Platypodes? you decide, they are all great choices.

The Platypus questions the way we have been taught to talk about categories, science and absolutes. The platypus lives its own life. It is perfect just the way it is, it has everything it needs and doesn’t need to fit in the lines.

This month for Pride we give you a Platypus DEFY CATEGORIES.