Go big or go home…or stay and work up to it.

Leroy Silicone DildoThere has been a social media buzz about Leroy. Well, here it is. We debuted Leroy at a trade show earlier this year to a great reception. Such a great reception that we’ve been filling wholesale orders non-stop! Horray for our amazing retails. You can buy Leroy from our good friends at Babeland, Pleasure Chest, Good Vibrations, and Come as You are.  In the past few months folks have been buying Leroy and posting it and wondering why it isn’t on our site…well now it is. Leroy is in all 4 skintones- shipping now.

Leroy is big and girthy.  Seriously big and girth. Our biggest dildo by far. We’re talking 9.5 inches of insertable length and 2.5 around. Leory is intact with detailed foreskin- yay forekskin! The foreskin not only looks beautiful but helps for create a smoother ride (less friction).   Leroy is dual density silicone with a posable core (just like Shilo, Carter and Mason) but bigger and heartier. Leroy works with O-ring harness or as a stand alone for solo play.

So go really big with Leroy or choose something smaller and work your way up (or don’t) – no matter what you decide- play save and have a good time.

Thanks for the love and support.

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