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Meet Archer, our 4” oh-so soft silicone packer, great for daily use. Durable and comfy, this handmade packer is designed to look real and feel like an extension of yourself. Pair with our STP strap for added security. A great choice for FTM and gender non-conforming folks under 5’ tall. Roll up to the party with confidence in your pants.
This handmade silicone packer is available in 4 skintones and now whimsical colors for our gender queer and gender non-conforming fans. Please note that the 4″ shaft size is designed for FTM and gender non-conforming folks under 5 feet tall.

Product Specs

  • Total Length 5.25
  • Penis length 4.75
  • Width at maximum point 2

Archer Small

  • Total length 4 inches
  • Penis length 3.5
  • Width at widest point 1.75
  • Packer Pouch *

    Packer Pouch with magnetic closure

  • Don't forget the lube *

  • Keep your toys clean *

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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 × 5 in

5.25" shaft, 4" shaft


Cashew, Caramel, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Purple, Gold, Blue, Teal, Rose Gold, Midnight Purple


The perfect packer for daily wear, Archer by New York Toy Collective has been the best-selling silicone packer for over a decade. Its hyper-realistic design and multiple size options help you feel comfortable and confident all day. Choose from 4″ and 5″ lengths in four skin tones and fun colors. With its soft, flexible silicone blend, Archer contours naturally while remaining durable enough for all activities. Use with included packing straps or pouch for a discreet, customized fit. Trans, queer, nonbinary and FTM packers need not compromise on style, function or realism, and Archer delivers all three for a packer you’ll love wearing.

38 reviews for Archer

  1. William

    My Boyfriend Loves it!

  2. Kevin

    Very fast delivery.

  3. Jax

    Fast delivery

  4. Ryan

    The product is firmly packed.

  5. Russ

    Brought this as a gift, they loved it

  6. Lucas

    Very well worth the money.

  7. Samuel

    The product is firmly packed.

  8. Sophia

    Love it

  9. Galen

    I am 5 foot 7 inches, purchased the 4 inch model and I love it! Don’t let anyone tell you smaller packers are only for children or people who are smaller, what you’re comfortable in is what you’re comfortable in be it 3 inches or 8. If you’re like me and your needs run small, this is a wonderful place to start!
    Now to gush about why else I love it! It’s light, making packing with the trans tape system easy, and it’s softness makes long term packing much more comfortable, and I found I really like the color. I bought the caramel, and it has a quality to it that feels extra skin like in a way that isn’t uncanny valley. It’s design is a nice balance of symbolic and accurate, and the glans on the underside of the head ~chef kiss~ that’s my favorite bit on this boy.
    Out of all packers I’ve tried that have been advertised as small, this is by far my favorite, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something smaller.

  10. Kurt

    Really nice

  11. Noah

    Better in person

  12. Oliver

    Love it

  13. Jamie

    Better in person

  14. Thrombin

    Better in person

  15. Noa

    Fast delivery

  16. Rock


  17. Cal

    I tried a few packers before this and none of them worked right. I had given up on packing until I tried this one. Its perfect. Its the perfect size and it feels comfortable. I never have to worry about it looking like I have a boner. It always looks perfect in any of my pants. Since I got a new packer (also from NYTC) I tried out running with this packer and it even looks great in my short running shorts. I highly recommend getting the pouch though. That thing makes the packer perfect.

  18. S

    I use the 5″ packer for penetrative sex with partners. It’s so silky and matte and feels great everywhere. It’s one of the rare packers you can sanitize and it’s the only one I recommend as a toy.

  19. S

    I’m a short guy(5’2″), so I got the 4″ shaft size and I gotta say, it’s the perfect size! It’s subtle, but comfortable. The material it’s made out of is nice and soft, good for everyday wear. I highly recommend this packer, it feels pretty natural

  20. Trey

    This is my second time purchasing an Archer, and I am just as in love as I was with my first one. The first packer didn’t technically need replacing (this thing holds up very well), but I wanted the color to match my skin tone better. My first Archer was the cashew color. It was VERY pale next to my skin, and I am white. This time I got the caramel color, and, oh my gosh, it is almost perfect. This one is a tiny bit firmer than my old one, but I understand that these are small batch made and will vary slightly. Still my favorite packer.
    Also, as far as size goes, I am 5’6 and wear the large size. It fits my body very well, and the smaller version (which is quite small indeed) just wouldn’t look right in my opinion. Some people prefer the smaller size, but that’s my two cents.
    Can’t recommend enough!

  21. Zika

    I purchased 2 packers the gold and the rose gold within a two month span for how much I loved it. I loved how it sits in my Joey pouch. Other packers slip through the hole easily and not this one. If you’re contemplating the price just do it. Its worth it. Sometimes spending a little more goes a long way

  22. Al

    Excellent packer! I went with the blue one and it’s fantastic. Thank you NYTC for having colors!!! Anyway, the packer seems very sturdy and the detailing on it is neat.

  23. Matt

    I have the 5 inch one in blue and in teal. I’ve tried other packers before, but these remain my favorite. I’m about 5 feet tall but I don’t think the 5 inch is too big, hard to pack, or disproportionate-looking. I’ve had pack and play and STP devices that really are very stiff and long, and this isn’t like that at all. It’s squishy enough that you can hang it to the left or right to reduce the profile, or even tuck with it — yet still firm enough that you can use it for some sex play (just not penetrative, but it’s fun for handjobs and blowjobs).

    The detailing is more abstracted than in other more pricy packers, but nothing about the shapes or sizes of anything is too different from what you would expect from your typical dick, other than the flat balls.

    I especially love the colors. If I can’t get an exact match for my skintone I’d rather go get something really distinct, so it feels like my own.

    I’ve packed with it in boxer briefs, with various kinds of jockstraps, and with the pouch and harness from NYTC. I think the pouch is my favorite, but you can definitely just slip it into some Y front underwear and it won’t move around too much.

  24. Chase

    Got the 5″… it’s freaking massive!! Probably twice the size of my other packers (although it could just be that my other packers are small).
    Overall, the feel and looks are nice. Super squishy, good detail. Came sticky, but corn starch had it feeling great in no time.
    Very good for the price. Only gave 4 stars instead of 5 because it’s so BIG.

  25. Ash

    For a mid level priced packer, I think he will be my new best friend. They were having a valentines sale so I decided to try it. At first glance, it’s a bit different from what you’d expect. Head is a bit too large. But ball detailing and the flat, roundness of the shaft, combined with a marshmallow like texture, make up for this. It fits into my packing pouch with a bit of coaxing, the large base holding it in place, and creates quite a decent bulge. For a mid level priced packer, I think he will be my new best friend. I ordered cashew, by the way.

  26. Trey

    This is a great packer for the price. It is my first silicone packer, and I am overall pleased with it. I got the large size, and it is very large! I am 5’7”, and it creates a good size bulge without being too big. If you like to pack large, this is a good option. Good detailing in the testes, and a nice, pronounced glans. The only drawback is the stickiness. Instead of just being sticky on the back, the whole packer is very sticky. Nothing that some cornstarch can’t fix, though. A good buy!

  27. Trey

    Great quality for a great price!
    This is my second packer ever (my first was the Masho). It is definitely an upgrade in terms of size and realistic feel (squishiness). I’m 5’7”, and the large Archer is just right for me (I like to pack a bit on the larger side). Great detail in the testes, and a nice, pronounced head.
    The only thing that the Mahso does better is the testes. I got so used to the rounded ones that the Archer’s feel a bit weird to me. Still, it produces a nice, realistic bulge that isn’t too big.
    Highly recommended!

  28. Arai

    5.25″ shaft in teal:
    I’m a genderqueer college student and this was my very first packer. I had previously purchased the NYTC Shilo pack and play dildo (which is, by the way, fantastic), and figured that this would also be a good place to buy a “regular” packer.

    The color is beautiful, it’s super comfortable, and I use it with the magnetic packing pouch. I can pack with this in a pair of boxer briefs and it stays in place just fine without the pouch. In terms of cleaning, I just boil it, dry it off, and add a little cornstarch to keep it soft. I love this packer and feel great wearing it- I fully recommend the Archer to anyone looking for something high quality, easy to clean, and aesthetically appealing. Thanks again NYTC!

  29. elliot

    AS a 4 foot 10 guy, i ended up getting the small caramel archer packer along with a black packing pouch and IT IS PERFECT! I bought mine at the PTWC and it was discounted and so so worth it. After wearing it in the pouch several times, combined with sweat, the pouch’s fabric, and me not washing it properly (whoops) it is slightly discolored at the base and the back of the tip, however this is my fault and does not take away from its packing ability. after washing, it does need to be very lightly powdered to prevent slight stickiness but it’s fine to deal with. i do wish that they made a smaller pouch for the small packer, i feel like there wouldn’t be as much extra fabric, but regardless i love it and it is so worth it. Truly a 10/10 product.

  30. Chris G.

    Of the different packers I’ve had, this is by far the easiest to pack with and feel like what I’ve got is realistic. If I’m wearing regular to tighter fitting pants or shorts I don’t worry about looking like I’ve got a boner all day, but I personally think that packing with this in loose fitting shorts makes me look a little more well endowed if it wiggles forward while I walk. I’m about 5’2”/5’3”, young adult, so anything bigger than the regular Archer would be hard to restrain to a proportionate size, but I’ve been able to use NYTC’s packing pouch with the Archer in boxers and have my junk look normal. It’s a really comfy packer. I like how it feels and how it looks. If you’re chilling at home it’s fun to squish, too. I’m used to packing with 2 in 1s and 4 in 1s, but I honestly prefer the Archer over having the other options. The price for this things is great too for the quality. I’m trans, so the feeling and look of it was everything for me. I’d buy it again after the one I have wears honestly.

  31. Cat

    I have had a great experience with Archer so far. I love that it comes in unique colors. I love the feel of it in my hands, and the feel of it in my pants when I am packing. My boifriend really enjoys the way it looks on me, and the how Archer feels through clothes. The Archer regular size is definitely a good size.

  32. Charlie H.

    This packer, oh my god, this packer. I was so happy and excited when I got it, I was TREMBLING as I opened the package!
    Okay just some details because they’re helpful IMO. I got the regular sized “caramel” color. Fits perfectly with my skintone (idk if this helps but I’m Mexican and American, so my skin color’s kind of in the middle.) I’m around 5’8 and I’m a younger dude.
    Alright-Packer time! This packer is:
    -Aesthetically pleasing
    -EASY AS HELL to pack with
    -Provides a nice, perfect bulge (if you’re worried about it being huge, don’t worry)
    -Heavier than a Mr.Limpy packer, but nothing you couldn’t used to

    I really love the “larger” head on this packer, it just makes me feel really good. The details are fantastic.
    I am getting a jock strap (no O-ring) in the mail tomorrow so I’ll be packing with that soon. But as of now, I pack with just regular tight-ish boxer briefs. Nothing slips out (never understood why that was a concern tbh).
    ALSO ALSO!! CUSTOMER SERVICE? HELP? OHO YEAH NYTC TAKES THE GOLD FOR THIS ONE. They are just so nice and understanding. I had a little problem and they were totally chill with it, so like, wow guys. Keep that kindness up! Because holy hell it’s amazing.
    Man, I dunno what to say it’s just a really great packer. GREAT bang for your buck! ;)))
    I totally recommend it ♥️

  33. A

    I am very pale, but I followed other reviews and went with a caramel instead of cashew. It matches my skin perfectly! You cannot find a more realistic feeling packer, both in weight and overall (squish) feel. The silicone is easy to clean and doesn’t have the yucky plastic-y smell that the big name brand has. I am so grateful for small companies that use great materials. Also, the testicles are amazing! There is so much detail that makes Archer something I am proud to pull out of my pants! Really, it’s beautiful

  34. Ari

    I love this packer! I bought the Archer regular size in caramel. It looks great and feels so realistic. It’s the perfect size and firmness. I love the way it hangs and stays in place. The shaft doesn’t move and shift around like with many packers. It creates a great looking and realistic bulge. I highly recommend this packer. It’s incredibly well made and absolutely worth the cost!!

  35. Peter

    I love this packer. I have the regular. I didn’t buy it from this site but from PleasureChest in NYC who supports New York Toy Collective.

    This packer sits so comfortably in my harness briefs. It gives me just enough bulge to pass and I don’t look like I have a boner all day.

    I do wish the color matched my skin complexion better. It’s gonna either be too light or too dark as I’m Spanish. but you know what, it’s sitting in my pants and no one sees it!

    ITS PERFECT! I love it. my wife loves it. THANK YOU!!

    Hope to see you guys make an STP soon!

  36. man

    Just purchased the regular archer. Love the product!!! Can’t wait for the next size up.

  37. Jay

    Archer Small: When they say small they mean SMALL. This product is probably most appropriate for trans children or someone who is 5′ tall or less. It is just not proportional for anyone larger than that. I interpreted the smaller measurements to mean “shorter shaft” when in reality this is literally a mini packer. I am really enamored with the feel and softness of the silicone (compared to other silicone packers on the market that are straight up hard as a toy for play) and am definitely going to be purchasing the regular Archer when I have more money. I wish there were pictures from multiple angles to better represent the size, or maybe a more detailed account of the measurements (shaft circumference, testicle measurements) because NYTC doesn’t accept returns.

  38. Evan

    Archer Small: This thing is tiny guys. I mean teeny tiny. Smaller than masho, and much smaller than Mr. Limpy xs. Would be good for a pre pubescent transboy.

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