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Keep that packer in place! This strap is designed to accompany our packers Archer and Pierre, and features an opening for your favorite STP packer. Pack, pee, and play. We’ve thoughtfully crafted this strap with two vertical loops for customizable packing direction and bulge size. Pair with boxers or go commando—whatever feels right.

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Weight .08 lbs
Dimensions 8 × .5 × 6 in

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5 reviews for STP STRAP

  1. Noah Snitzer

    This was my first ever STP strap. Like with my first binder, I avoided it after its delivery in fear that I would be disappointed. When I tried it on, however, I was both relieved and thrilled with how well it works. It’s comfortable, light, and easy to wear. It doesn’t produce issues with sitting, jumping, running, or walking. I have yet to test biking, but I’m confident it will work well for that, too.

    The two straps offer specific bulge appearances, which can be heightened or lessened by simply sliding the shaft of the packer further in or out. For the first time, I’m not paranoid about wearing my STP outside of the house: no more fear of awkward boners! I highly recommend this product. It works extremely well and I would honestly buy it again for twice its price.

  2. Everette

    Already great for packing with the Pierre. I really enjoy the extra strap so I can tuck my packer down and have it be secure. It’s comfortable and easy to use. I had to work my packer into the hole, but it’s not going anywhere. I would happily buy from them again.

  3. calvin

    first time i got mine it was way to small and i was fearful that i wasnt able to use it. I then got a large and OHMYGOD, i looked in the mirror like HA I HAVE A DICK, I am so happy i’m wearing this it’s easy to wear and i watched the quick video up too and put it on simply, thank you. for real.

  4. Jay Schwartz

    I love this thing. It holds my Pierre in place great. I might have gotten a little bit too big of a size, but now I know for next time. The one thing I don’t like about it is that where it’s positioned, I don’t get a bulge when the dick is tucked down (my preference) so it looks like I’m not packing at all. It does, however, give me the feel of a dick

  5. Morgan

    The harness itself is great and really comfortable. The little elastic straps to reposition the duck and balls are also really convenient! My only complaint is that the opening for the harness sits waaayyy too low. I have two, so I know it’s not just a one-off product. If I don’t reposition it a lot, the balls end up directly between my thighs with the shaft dangling straight down. Not exactly anatomically correct, but the fit and feel otherwise is great!

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