Jack 2-in-1 Stroker

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Jack goes both ways—stroking and packing. Tuck Jack into your favorite underwear (or a packing harness for extra support), and take him out when you’re ready for intimate fun. With a ribbed stroker cavity and toe-curling suction action, this Jack-of-all-trades provides pleasure and confidence.


Outer Dimensions:

3 x 3 x 1 1/2″

3″ long shaft

1 1/2″ shaft diameter


Cavity Dimensions:

5/8″ max diameter (this silicone is very stretchy and can accommodate larger anatomy)

3/8″ min diameter (anatomy narrower than this will not activate product suction)

2 1/2″ depth


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  • Add a rechargeable bullet vibe *

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 6 in

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20 reviews for Jack 2-in-1 Stroker

  1. Harry

    The texture and size were great for solo play, Jack gave a nice amount of suction when squeezed, and also felt amazing with a vibrator applied to the outside. The only stroker I’ve ever used that actually worked for my body. When I wore Jack with the NYTC packing strap, I was able to position it so that my bits were lined up with the hole, and it gave a nice direct pressure sensation during normal wear. It wasn’t an intense arousal sensation, it just transferred any pressure on the packer to my phallus, rather than a normal packer, which transfers pressure to my mons. The packing strap did a surprisingly good job of keeping it in place inside pants while walking and sitting, and the strap wasn’t visible while I was just wearing briefs. Overall a great packing experience, if you don’t mind a small packer, which I prefer.

  2. Summer

    My partner and I used the Jack yesterday. They are trans masculine and 3 years on testosterone. We used it in two different ways. The first way, I used a nice amount of lube, opened the stroker and suctioned it and stroked. It worked best with reinforcement by hand. Most FTM strokers we come across seem as if they are designed for trans masculine folks who are more developed growth wise physically. With that being said we improvised and the toy wound up giving amazing results for my partner. They give it a 9/10 and said that they are interested in seeing this develop in different shapes and sizes. I also suctioned it, applied pressure with fingers and performed oral sex. He said it was very pleasurable to be able to receive head and have the point of view visual that Jack creates. It helped with his dysphoria.

  3. Jaki

    I love this product! The hole is big enough for many sizes to fit and stay on with suction. Amazing and intense stimulation. I tried after using a pump and it helped me stay erect. Best packer I ever owned and I owned most of em.

  4. Artyom

    Amazing product. Soft to the touch. Love the design, it’s sort of a half erect shape. A bit smaller than I expected, I feel like a greek statue while wearing it, in a good way. 🙂

    I’m pre-T, but I still managed to get some suction by pressing it agains my own bits and then “pumping” on the shaft, creating a vacuum. Rubbing the balls against my own junk also helped to create additional sensation. Due to its small size, I found Jack absolutely great for bottoming. Doesn’t get in the way while still helping me to cope with my bottom dysphoria amazingly well. Haven’t tried packing with it yet, but it’s certainly not too big or bulgy and I gotta admit I find it very cute to wear. Small dicks deserve more love. <3

    Absolutely great, thank you so much for giving us Jack!

  5. Tyler

    I’m pre-T and was able to suction it to my body. Without growth you can’t masturbate with it and feel the ridges but you can still put a bullet vibrator In the hole or suction it to your junk.

    It’s pretty comfortable to wear and pack with. When suctioned to your body it sits in a natural position.

    Make sure to use water based lube and cornstarch!

    • Chelsea

      Hi Tyler, thanks for the post, most folks find that it works with about 3/8 of anatomy. Thanks for sharing the suggestion about adding a vibe. Pumping helps too if that is something you’d like to explore.

  6. Charlie M. H.

    I absolutely love this product. It makes me feel so masculine and great, i use it a lot! thank you all so much. As a stroker, it’s amazing. Suction is nice and great and i can even hold it on my thingy so it looks like i have a dick! As a packer though, i wish it was a bit bigger so I can have a bigger bulge. Please, if you can, offer a larger Jack size? In all honesty though, this is a fantastic product and I love the customer service NYTC has. Thank you so much for making me feel more complete.

  7. Mr. Adorable

    Wow, this thing is fantastic. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. It feels super good once you get used to it and figure out your own best way of using it. I’m 8+ months on T and at least 1 inch long when erect and I am able to make the suction work, though during the first few minutes the suction can be easy to lose and I have to keep reaffixing it to my body, but whoa, as my erection increases, so does the sensation with this thing! I like to squeeze the shaft (to get the air out) before/while inserting myself and then (once it’s on) I relax and hold it gently in my hand as I use it (trying NOT to squeeze it) for maximum suction purposes. Then I literally get to use jerking off motions to stimulate myself, and/or tilt/wriggle it about (like a video game controller’s joystick, haha). I used to be so jealous that cis men had so many jerking off toys and options, and now I’m so grateful to this company for coming with something for us that works and does its job very well. My only complaint is as I get wet down there, using this thing can get a little noisy if I’m not careful (whenever the suction starts to fail or I’m really, really jerking off) it makes squelching sounds that I’m afraid my roomie can hear and will someday ask what the heck I’m doing (awkward!) haha. Oh, and the material does attract lint like crazy so it’s hard to keep clean, but since it doesn’t go inside your body (just sticks on to the outside), i just do my best to at least keep the inside clean. But I do like the feel of the material, I love the sensation and suction, I love the relief from dysphoria while masturbating, and I cry a little bit on the inside whenever I travel and then realize I forgot to pack my stroker. This is literally my new favorite thing in the world. Thank you NYTC!!

  8. Mr. Adorable

    I forgot to mention in my other review that I also enjoy attaching bullet vibrators to Jack for added sensation.

  9. Reese

    I was a bit skeptical of this at first. The price was higher than the other strokers I’ve tried and had mixed results with. But it’s quarantine and I wanted something special for myself. My partner and I anxiously awaited the box of goodies we had purchased. Most were used the day it arrived. I loved the texture and the way Jack felt in my hands. I am a bit more girthy than long so I was concerned about the opening. As the evening progressed and I became aroused, I decided to give Jack a try. I did have a hard time getting it positioned right and ultimately gave up. I was disappointed but not ready to say “never again!” after only one try. I thought about what had been the issue and decided that I should start with Jack before getting aroused. Worked like a charm. I didn’t get any weird hand cramps from a slightly awkward position. I felt like I was jacking off. That made the whole experience that much more satisfying. I look forward to more fun this Masturbation May.

  10. Terran Dean`

    I bought this along with the transmasc pump, I’m a year and a half on T and it fit my bits well. I loved using it to jerk off, and ended up holding a bullet vibe on the balls while suctioning the Jack onto myself. Really affirming and I enjoy just wearing it around as a cute widdle packer.

  11. Claire

    I couldn’t have dreamed of a better product to explore gender euphoria with 🙂 It’s small and cute, but totally substantial enough if you don’t mind a smaller package. I’m not on T and never have been, but it still creates a really nice suction sensation with what I’ve got – it’s a blast to play with! Cosmetically I’m a big fan. It sits really comfortably with the STP strap and makes a cute lump. It also fits really naturally on the body with just suction.
    Thank you NYTC!

  12. LC

    Seriously, a game changer for strokers. I’ve been on T for little over 18 months and it works exceptionally well. It’s also an excellent sized packer. Some say it’s small, but it’s perfect for folks who don’t want to look like they’re packing a salami in their pants. I, myself, am on the smaller side and it’s a great packer. I also have the Pack and Play Shilo – it’s ok in club settings (Remember those?!) or when I’m with a partner in public and they know I’m packing.

    Back to the Jack. Excellent suction, and is great to use in conjunction with the Transmasc pump, but it is not necessary. Knowing I can “jack” off with my packer is extremely hot.

  13. E.M.

    I’ve owned & been wearing this packer for a little over a week (although it feels a lot longer) and I think it’s time to leave a review!
    For the stroker aspect of it – I’m pre-T, so I can’t really do much with it yet, except for when I pump. I still haven’t figured out the best way to use it post-pumping, but even just the act of jerking off with a dick feels amazing!! Being able to do the motions and look down and see a dick (or close my eyes and do some daydreaming) is both affirming and hot.
    For the packing aspect – I’ll give some basic measurements, if it helps anyone else make their decision. I’m 5’2″, about 150 lbs, and carry a fair amount of weight in my tummy & thighs. I *LOVE* packing with this. It’s big enough to create a bulge, but the bulge itself is pretty small (I’m not fussed about having a bulge, and I still live with my family, so this works great for me). It’s small enough to fit pretty comfortably in my pants, and I can wear it without a pouch/harness/packer undies as long as I’m not moving around too much (but I do wear fairly tight, high-waisted pants). Most of all, the feeling of having something in my pants (e.g. sensing it there, sitting differently and feeling it move a little/brush against my legs, etc.) is so euphoric, and seeing it on me in the mirror is incredible. Highly recommend to anyone who prefers smaller packers/feels antsy about bigger sizes/doesn’t care too much about having an easily noticeable bulge.

  14. Thomas Rose

    I bought this in mid-March and eagerly awaited its arrival for weeks . It took long to arrive in Canada, but that’s just how it is. For the first week or so since I opened it, I was in love with every aspect of it. I thought it was designed brilliantly (as a toy and packer) and was really impressed. I cannot underestimate the psychological benefits of packing for trans masculine people and I loved playing with it daily, often multiple times a day. It was visually very affirming and I loved pleasuring myself in a way that felt more aligned with who I really am. However, after that first week or so, it actually started to cause dysphoria. I’ve been with enough cis men to know how to give a hand job and Jack is just too short to easily play with the way that I want to. I kept having to make accommodations in order to TRY to use it the way that felt most natural for me, and eventually I got tired and frustrated with all of these mental gymnastics. Sex shouldn’t be this difficult! I have to say that over the first week, I was very patient, tried using it in many different ways (with some good progress) and kept in mind that being pre-T could play a role in this, but the limiting factor that I couldn’t work around was how short it is. I tried so many different ways but found myself relying on the Vibe a lot, which often slipped out as I tried (very difficult to do so) to jack off and overtime, that would hurt my pubic bone. Even the best times I had with it, I was fumbling in some way and that made it awkward. The thrill of looking down and seeing something that was remotely affirming wore off, and this is very unfortunate. I think I read one other review here that was asking for a longer Jack, for ease of use — I can definitely relate to that. On the other hand, (maybe an unpopular opinion), I LOVE the size of it for the purposes of packing. It is about the same size as a cis flaccid penis and this is really affirming for me, personally. So, I’ve limited myself to just using it as a packer (which it still does a decent job) and no longer play with it. Maybe strokers just aren’t for me, or I need them to be a bit longer for ease of use? I was really drawn to the idea of a 2-in-1 packer/toy, but I think it’s too tricky to meet all of my needs. Who knows, maybe my hands are a bit larger than most pre-T AFAB? I have no idea at this point lol.

    Anyway, great packer but fumbling as a sex toy for THIS pre-T trans guy, even with the Vibe.

  15. Hans Von Straphon

    I have to admit, I had the hardest time figuring out how to use this and get enough suction so that I could feel the ridges. NYTC put up an IG post that showed how to turn Jack inside out at the base so that I could then “roll” it onto my phallus which changed EVERYTHING. I’ve been on T for 7 years and have a good amount of growth. I’ve discovered that once the suction keeps the stroker in place, I can add a little lube to the outside and it allows my hand to slide over it and feels more “real” to me and creates gender euphoria. I only wish the shaft was a little longer so I could wrap my whole hand around it (hint hint, NYTC…)

  16. Count Dickula

    Ok so I honestly have such mixed feelings!! When I saw this it’s 2-for-1, I thought hell yeah! But after almost a year of owning it, I feel like it falls short on both ends of the, well dick lol.

    As a packer: it’s really strange bc it worked for me really well for pre-HRT! I loved how dense it is, the balls feel nice, and the detail is great. But I wouldn’t recommend it as an everyday packer if you’ve had a LOT of growth, or even new to growth and especially if you’re super sensitive down there because the hole of the sleeve brushing up against your bits all the time throughout the day can be kind of irritating. It is semi-erect and will NOT lay flat in underwear unless you wear basically spandex or thick shorts. I don’t mind a bulge, but it was confusing for me on how to pack this comfortably.

    As a sleeve: the suction feels really great, but for the priciness I was expecting, idk something really mindblowing ? Can only speak for solo play and the first few months of use were really gender-affirming, but then I grew frustrated with it as my T growth progressed which is yay for me but for the toy, kind of a shame! Again, it could be just an issue of how sensitive you are down there, bc the suction can feel painful and you need a LOT of lube (but use too much and it becomes too slippery to grip onto your dick which is annoying?). Very very tricky to use without a harness, so YMMV. I was actually surprised by how tight it can get, and sometimes it wasn’t very comfortable for me.

    Also, I absolutely agree with other reviews that say it’s much too short!! I don’t need a monster cock lol and there’s nothing wrong with small dicks, but I personally felt frustrated with trying to jack off with this little guy, and I’m already a smaller dude. When I jack off I usually picture myself with an erect penis which is typically longer, but kept feeling distracted by the disconnect between what I imagined and what my hand actually felt. I felt very limited by the very short length of the packer, and it even made my bottom dysphoria worse sometimes, so I stopped using it.

    Overall, maybe a nice starter dick, but it’s just okay as a very expensive packer, and it doesn’t hold up the Sleeve side enough for me. But if y’all ever come out with a bigger guy I will throw my money at it so fast!!

  17. Lio

    This + the packing strap and you’re set for life. I use the Jack for packing for bottom dysphoria, wore it to a family function once, ended up grappling jiu jitsu with my 6′ cousin who quite literally flipped me over his shoulder (normal family function activities, yknow). Everything stayed in place. 10/10.

  18. Lola

    My favorite packer I’ve ever had. It’s a gentle packer (with coconut oil, of course) and a very affirming realistic toy. Great for solo play. The ribbed sleeve inside feels amazing. I could not get enough of it for months.

  19. Zoe

    This was my first gender affirming sex toy I’ve purchased, and I have nothing but good things to say. I’m not on T, so not having any bottom growth meant a little bit of troubleshooting for the correct sensation, but this stroker truly makes it all worth while. It also is my first ever packer, and makes me feel so euphoric every time I wear it! I absolutely love it, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a similar experience.

  20. feli

    i’ll start off by saying jack as a FTM stroker is amazing. It has great suction, which made it work for me at different stages of growth, and the inside texture feels really good. this is an amazing tool for bottom dysphoria while masturbating or partner play
    i did find that the color of the packer is more grey/cool toned IRL as opposed to online which made it an awkward skin match for my groin but not the biggest deal. Packing with this in daily life is harder for me. I’m relatively short and small (5’4 / ~125 lb) and the actual size of the packer is great for my body, but since this is also a stroker after all, it is pretty firm and hard to position in a way that doesn’t look awkward on me. bending it downwards makes the bulge extra huge, and keeping it straight up looks good but is hard to get right and gets uncomfortable after a while. I also have a really fat mons/vulva, so this might not be a problem for other people.
    This is my first real packing tool and i wanted something versatile, and it does the job. truly AWESOME as a stroker, but doesn’t work for daily packing for me as i had wanted. Still okay for me to wear once in a while when I feel the need for a bulge but not comfortable for every day. Can’t be understated how great it is as a sleeve tho

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