Sam the STP
Sam the STP
Sam the STP
Sam the STP
Sam the STP

Sam the STP

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  • Packer Pouch with magnetic closure

  • Everything is better with Lube! More Loving and more sensation.

  • 10 modes, rechargeable, waterproof. Compatible with all products accepting a standard size bullet vibrator.

  • Convenient, portable cleansing tissues for intimate areas and products.

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All of your emails and sketches drawn on bar napkins have finally paid off- we’ve made a silicone STP to add to our FTM gender expression product line. Introducing Sam our first stand to pee device for trans guys, gender non-conforming, gender fluid & gender queer folks.

This silicone STP fits in regular undies or packing undies- no harness required, just hold it steady and let it flow. Choose from 4 skintones. Harness optional.*Slightly imperfect products may air bubbles and or color inconsistency.
These products are considered as-is and final sale.***Many Sam owners have also found that this STP is amazing for oral sex/blow jobs. The opening creates an amazing seal against your body 🙂

  • Length – 5 5/8 inches from testes to urethra opening
  • Shaft – 4 inches long (3 inches insertable) & 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Pee Cup – 1.75 inches long & 1 inch wide
  • Add our STP Strap for $29
  • Make Sam a 3-in-1 Pack and Play with this rigid silicone insert for $19 (free with purchase for a limited time)
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18 reviews for Sam the STP

  1. Chris

    Over all I’m extremely satisfied with this product.
    It was pretty easy to use when first putting it on. However, I had one episode where it twisted slightly to only allow half the urine in. Oops, paid better attention after that.Because I know it will be important to others, it’s realistic shape is pretty darn good. However the skin color, I ordered cashew, looked more like Barbie doll and not close to a natural human skin color. The penis portion is difficult to position so it doesn’t look like I have a penis. However, if you want to look like you have a penis, it’s not so big so as to look like you have a boner. It’s no more than the natural bulge my husband has.

  2. James

    I’ve tried a couple STPs and I really like this one. I find it really easy to pee with one-handed, and not having to hold back my flow is great. A bit of pressure makes a good seal against my body and I can actually get some good distance with the stream.
    The realism is pretty good, although the “cashew” colour is not a skin tone I’ve ever seen.
    The only drawback is that it packs like a boner unless it’s turned sideways, but I find with tight briefs it looks just fine.
    Overall I’m quite happy with this STP!

  3. Jack

    works great, no over flow, i like when I squeeze it it comes out faster.
    doesn’t look like a banana in my pants, it’s a realistic bulge and I feel
    so relieved. Glad I found this in a store! very happy and will recommend

  4. Ash

    I. Am. SO. Lovestruck. I’ve tried what’s considered one of the top STP competitors prior to Sam the STP (which runs about three times more pricey!) and thought it was just ok. But since I got this one, I’ve never looked back. Holy crap. I will admit it can be slightly awkward to pack with (although totally manageable), but this is absolutely a necessary trade-off for the functionality; The reason it works so well is that it’s solid and forms a good seal. The basin also blends into the tube down the shaft very smoothly and the tube is nice and wide, so there is no accumulation or spillage, despite my strong stream. I pack with this on a daily basis and use public urinals with ease. This thing has made me feel incredibly empowered and I will forever sing its graces! Also, despite being the whitest white boy that ever whited, the caramel colour is perfect for my skin tone. Thank you so much NYTC, I will forever love you for this product!

  5. amy

    I’ve tried most of the STPs on the market and this is the only one I’ve ever had that worked the first time without any complications whatsover. It feels so natural and packs really great. (The hazelnut color is great.) The only surprise is how cheap it is compared to the competition. I sure wish I would have tried this one first! It would have saved me ALOT of money…..

  6. Shannon

    I absolutely love this STP. This is my first one ever and I am in love with it. It is extremely easy to use, I didn’t experience any leakage while using it. I wear it all day and it is very comfortable. The only issue that I have is the color of the STP. I chose hazelnut to go with the color of my skin based off of the picture, but it turns out that the STP is way lighter than it is shown above. But other than that, the STP is great.

  7. Ruadhan McElroy

    Overall, very nice. Sits well in my pants/underwear (Jockey low-rise briefs), and a good stream.

    Unfortunately, my email wasn’t answered, so I had to learn on my own that it *is* compatible with metoidioplasty (sans testicle implants).

  8. Melissa

    I have found this is made for smaller guys without larger thighs. I am about 90kg and 5″8 it is extremely difficult to use if you can’t control the flow either. But pros it does warm up very quick, has a nice bulge in my pants and doesn’t move often. Would recommend using after a lot of practise controlling your flow

  9. Dexter

    Overall, I like this product. I am still learning how to control my flow to eliminate backflow, and the positioning is a little bit awkward for me to get. Hoping to find a harness that can help with this issue. While I am not using it in public yet, I am using it as a packer right now with tight boxer briefs and it works really well for that purpose too! I feel so much dysphoria just melt away having the chance to wear this in public. With tight underwear, the bulge is very realistic and it sits comfortably in my pants. I love it!

  10. Chris

    I LOVE IT. I’m a white (but tan) guy and I got the caramel. I’m glad I did…its perfect. I used it immediately upon arrival with no issues. I’ve been wearing it on its side in briefs and with the suggested harness. Amazing. Very realistic. Good and chubby. Would recommend.

  11. Jason

    I have tried lots of stps and this is the first and only one that has truly worked for me. I was really nervous about the small opening at first, but once you get the positioning right it works perfectly. The fact that it’s a firmer stp makes it a lot easier to get a proper seal with no leaks. You do have to control your flow if it’s heavier (as mine is), but with practice it becomes second nature. As for packing with it, I find it’s also one of the best stps to pack with comfortably and have had no issues even packing all day. I just pack it with the shaft pointing up and it makes a nice discreet bulge that looks realistic and isn’t too big like a lot of the other ones. The smaller opening in the urethra also gives it the most realistic flow of all the stps. I would definitely recommend the Sam. But I would LOVE to see a slightly longer shafted one for bigger guys!

  12. Oakley K.

    It’s amazing! I haven’t needed to hold my flow back at all! The one thing I. Having issues is packing with it, but I’ll figure that out.

  13. Jacob

    I’ve been disappointed by how unrealistic a lot of STPs look, but the Sam impressed me enough to give it a shot. The photos don’t lie – this is a very realistic looking STP from the size to the colors & details. Speaking of colors, I’m pasty white and went with the caramel since it matched my skin tone perfectly. The cashew was visibly way too pale even for me. They carry these at my local trans* friendly sex shop, so all comparisons were made in-person.

    Usage wise, the small opening means backflow can be an issue if you don’t consciously slow things down a bit(definitely test drive it in the shower first!). It’s also short enough that getting positioning & aiming right can be awkward if you have big thighs. Other than that, it being such a firm STP means it’s easy to get a good seal. My anatomy’s caused problems in that department with more flexible STPs, so that was a very welcome feature for me.

    Packing with it is easy – have the shaft pointing up and you’ll have a good bulge without looking like you have a boner. If you don’t want to do that, I’d recommend tight briefs or trunks to keep things squished down.

  14. Ted

    I love my Sammy! While he does take a bit of finagling for me to pack, it is nice to feel the bulge against my leg as I walk and lounge. Pretty good learning curve, tho it’s been a few months and I still have trouble going thru the fly. Bought the caramel color, tho I am quite white, and it’s a great color. Also, take it from me, and don’t make the mistake of leaving it pee dry overnight without cleaning it thoroughly first. Fair warning: it takes time to get the pee smell out if you leave it for too long.

  15. Dannie

    It seems like there is a hugr learning curve with the Sam (for me, at least). I’ve been using this every time I pee, drinking a lot of water throughout the day, for days since I got it in the mail, and still have frequent episodes where I pee on myself. I have a pretty strong flow so holding back has been something to practice for sure. I wish the testicles served as an overflow preventive? It’s a decent weight and size for packing, so it’s been no trouble with my boxer briefs (better with skinny jeans but it’ll work in workout clothes too, I’ve found). I don’t shave below so maybe that’s a factor in fitting with my anatomy? I would love some pro tips for the Sam. I feel like if I could get peeing down, this would be the best purchase for the price.

  16. Julien

    Very good first STP, however lost a star because it is tricky to learn how to use as well as a bit distracting while packing with it. I’d suggest heavy practising before using this STP in public, finding a good angle to hold it at. I suggest (tw feminine genital mention) holding the rear rim over the back of the vaginal opening and having the front rest just above the clit (end tw).
    It does have a shallow funnel and drains at a moderate speed, so practise what speed you need to not leak. I honestly made a small modification by cutting a little bit more out of the funnel to make it less shallow and its working much better for me, which is nice because there is a lot of silicone present below the funnel in the balls, so its easy to modify without worrying about ruining it. As far as packing, I’d suggest packing up with this one and strapping it back with tight underwear or a packer strap (I wear panties under my boxers, so it is good to be pushed down by that just so it doesn’t look like you have a boner). In that position is it super easy to get back into place to pee, and is really easy to use one-handed once you know your angle and speed.
    I’d highly recommend this as a first STP, but also want to remind first timers not to get frustrated, to keep practising, make some modifications if necessary, and make sure you’ve got it down before using it in public. Now that I’ve trained with it for a few months however, I feel much more confident going into the men’s room and using the urinals, and it really has taken away a lot of dysphoria for me! I hope some of my notes on using it help another first timer, but since everyone’s anatomy is different, it is still important to practise first and make sure you’re finding what works for you!
    Overall, I’d say great product, is just a little tricky to get the hang of.

  17. Jerome

    I’ve used much more expensive STPs and this one is by far the easiest I’ve ever used. For comparison, I’ve used the EZP and the emisil compact. This one forms a seal and I haven’t had any problem with back flow AT ALL. Not only that, but it’s comfy in my pants. I use seperatec briefs that I found on amazon. They’re a little expensive (I think it was $50 for 7, which is still less than $10 a pair), but the fly is at the bottom of the shaft compartment, which means there’s no weaving the stp through a bunch of fabric. I got the Sam through the VA and to be honest I was pretty skeptical but I figured, it’s free, why not? Now I wish I hadn’t done the uber expensive ones… this is my new go to!

  18. Jessie Baker

    This is the only STP that has ever worked for me. I have paid considerable amounts of money trying many other products and none of them even compares. I’m a bigger guy especially in the thighs and most STPs just can’t handle a big, beautiful, boy body like SAM does. The density and girth in the balls/cup makes it so much more fool proof to use without leaking. I personally fold the shaft in on itself when packing so just the tip is poking out, resting on top (hard to explain, wish I could post pictures). Not only does that positioning create a more realistic bulge, it makes it easy to pack and it also holds up to the wear and tear. I’ve purchased at least 3 or 4 of these over the years. The silicone eventually softens slightly after everyday use, but since the price is right I just replace it every couple years. I’m terrible at flow control and the hollow shaft crates a flow that I don’t have to stress about holding anything back. My only criticism, which comes also as a request is that for my size body, the shaft length is just a little bit to short. I seem to remember when first purchasing SAM that it came in 2 sizes, but perhaps I’m mistaken? A slightly longer shaft would make this the perfect dream STP for larger bodied folks. Still my go to and I’ll continue to purchase over any other product on the market.

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