Trans Masc Pump Deluxe – Includes 3 Cylinder Sizes!

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Trans Masc Deluxe Pump takes bottom development to the next level. The pump features three transparent cylinders of varying sizes so there is always room to grow.   The Trans Masc Deluxe Pump  helps stimulate and increase sensation in That Magical Place—you know what we mean. We designed the translucent cylinder to be comfy and easy to use. Use the adhesive rulers  to easily track your progress. Achieve instant (and oh-so satisfying) growth so you can get back to business. The Trans Masc Deluxe Kit comes with 3 cylinder to find the perfect fit for you and your partner(s). Use the increase in size to experience strokers, penetration and more in new ways 🙂 Couples well with Jack the stroker.

This is a manual pump if you have dexterity concerned please consider the Trans Masc Pro Rechargeable Pump

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 9 in


The Trans Max Pump Deluxe includes:

3 transparent cylinders
3 Transparent ruler stickers
1 Pump with tubing

Product must be used with water based lube.

Do not allow water to enter the tubing or pumping mechanism

38 reviews for Trans Masc Pump Deluxe – Includes 3 Cylinder Sizes!

  1. Dylan

    Very fast delivery.

  2. Owen

    My Gf loves it

  3. Charles

    Better than I expect.

  4. Oliver


  5. Kayden

    Good service.

  6. Kai


  7. Matthew

    My Boyfriend Loves it!

  8. Russ

    Brought this as a gift, they loved it

  9. Elijan

    Brought this as a gift, they loved it

  10. Zach

    I’m hooked, why did I wait so long?

  11. Mason

    Very fast delivery.

  12. Riley

    Great for solo play.

  13. Michael

    Very well worth the money.

  14. Danny

    Great for solo play.

  15. RJ


  16. Russ

    Better in person

  17. Peter

    Better in person

  18. Davis

    Very Good times

  19. Avery

    My Gf loves it

  20. Eva

    Really nice

  21. Mark


  22. William


  23. Mason

    My Gf loves it

  24. SC

    I love the ease of use, though I do notice I need to repump fairly frequently as the cylinder seems to lose pressure. All in all I’m very satisfied

  25. Elijan

    Brought this as a gift, they loved it

  26. C

    Highly recommend, I’m a year on T and my bottom growth isn’t where I want it to be at. I’ve been using this for two weeks and I feel like there’s been a small difference, I definitely can fill up more of the pump now. A big bonus is I can jerk off in the way I’ve been trying to since I started T.

  27. DCS

    Just starting using this, but really happy with it! I didn’t want to get a pump with a battery or anything else like that, so when I saw this was a hand pump, I was a very happy! Was worried at first I wouldn’t fit since I’ve only barely started T, but I was very surprised with how well the fit was and I’m excited to keep using this product– especially after seeing everyone else in the reviews doing well! The packaging is also great and everything is easy to use and high quality. Can’t recommend it enough!

  28. Sophia

    Brought this as a gift, they loved it

  29. Thrombin

    Really nice

  30. Lindsey

    I wish I could give it more stars! I bought the trans masc pump deluxe for my husband because he was curious. We’ve been married for 3 years now and his dysphoria is so strong that he’s always wanted the lights off during sex and is quick to change clothes in the closet when it comes to me seeing his bottom half. We’ve had the pump for not even a week and we’ve used it multiple times. The second time, he was so happy and comfortable that he asked to keep the lights on! We have reached a new level of intimacy and trust breaking through this barrier of dysphoria because of the pump. I cannot thank NYTC enough for providing trans affirming sex toys. You have literally changed our lives!

  31. Mott

    Seriously great pump. The problem with bigger diameter cylinders, at least for me, is my penis will pump to the circumference of the cylinder and then consequently not get a length workout. The slim diameter (1.25″) is the perfect size to work on length gains while maintaining an aestheticaly pleasing (and sexually viable) girth. Most importantly, this pump has been incredibly effective for me! When I first started using it I would not fill it, but now I’ve outgrown it. My flaccid size has changed minimally (although still noticeably), but my erect size has grown pretty significantly and my pumped size has made huge gains. Thanks to NYTC, I have changed my surgical goal from phallo to meta and now need to buy a cis-male penis pump (still with the smallest diameter of 1.25-1.5″ but I’m now searching for lengths of 6″+ to continue my pumping journey)!
    P.S. NYTC – If you ever make a longer cylinder, let me know, I’ll be the first to buy!

  32. Zax

    I bought this pump after the one I got from the Size Matters brand broke. This pump is a lot more comfortable to use and I’m able to pump to a higher pressure without it hurting at all. I’m 8 months on T and I’m hoping to get metoidioplasty someday and I’m trying to grow as big as possible before then. Thank you NYTC!

  33. Brendan Wazowski

    A dream come true! First off let me say I ordered this and it was delivered with the release valve broken off. However, I got in touch with the warranty Dept and they were quick to replace it. I’m very happy they stood good for this. I can now leave a review stating this is a must buy! I love it and it has helped me so much with feeling comfortable. I’m able to move up to a different size cylinder and my T-Dick is a woah!! So if you want some growth I say don’t hesitate and make the move.

  34. Armand Goldman

    This is something I’ve ALWAYS wanted and I finally treated myself. And holy crappppp people, it was amazing. I’ve only used it 2 days in a row and you can already tell the difference. I have an amazing partner who enjoys my anatomy and pumping definitely helped with my dysphoria and sensation. It was WOWZA!! For reference I’m a AFAB transgender male that has been on testosterone for 5 years now. I thought my bottom growth was done but thank goodness for this product! I used the nipple ones that have the twisty top before and this just blows that away. I found the 3 tube sizes to be a great option. First night I was struggling to keep it pumped enough to fill the smallest tube and by the second night, I was filling the tube and everything. No lie, I don’t see anyone looking for bottom growth to regret this purchase. I can’t wait to use the bigger tubes. I’ve never felt happier with my junk lol.

  35. Rook

    11/10. This kit is very easy to put together & use. I bought it mainly to encourage bottom growth, which it has certainly done even after just a few uses. But the biggest benefit has been the sensation of relief for my bottom dysphoria, nothing else has really helped up til now. Massive quality-of-life upgrade, highly recommended.

  36. Sarah

    The cylinder is “shockingly comfortable” as the description says. The rest of the pump is easy to use. So far I’ve only used it once, but so far so good. My only complaint is even the smallest cylinder is a little big for me. However, I’m glad it’s included because the others would definitely be too large. Overall, this is an affordable, comfortable, and easy-to-use pump that has a few options for sizing up.

  37. Everette

    10/10 this was exactly what I was looking for. Comfortable, fun, and pleasurable! Great if you’re Pre-T as well 🙂

  38. Stephanie Linneman

    Love is. So happy it came with 3 cylinders. I was looking at a pump from a different site/brand and they were charging like $70 per cylinder LOL. So, needles to say, I was overjoyed to find this product. It’s easy to use, easy to assemble, the base of the cylinders are COMFORTABLE, and I was actually impressed with my girth increase.

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