Trans Masculine Genital Pump pictures with box
Front and right side of Trans Masc Pump Box
Front and left side of Trans Masc Pump Box
Clear Pump Cylinder with wide Flange
A Thumb is placed inside the clear pump cylinder for scale
Trans Masc Pump
Trans Masculine Genital Pump pictures with box

Trans Masc Pump

(12 customer reviews)


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  • 10 modes, rechargeable, waterproof. Compatible with all products accepting a standard size bullet vibrator.

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Designed for queer, trans masculine, and non binary bodies, this pump increases sensation and stimulation to the genitals. Our pump features a custom translucent cylinder that is shockingly comfortable due to its wide flanged base. The easy to use design ensures that everyone can achieve instant and comfortable growth. This kit includes 1 cylinder, and one pump with a release valve.


Interior dimensions of the cylinder:

3″ long

1.25″ diameter

12 reviews for Trans Masc Pump

  1. landon

    I like the pump for the most part but I would like it even more if there were a few cylinders.

  2. AA

    Good first pump but I wish it had a gauge on it and the option to keep the cylinder on without the rest of the apparatus attached.

  3. Jonnas

    This was my first pump and I was like for nervous but I actually really like it. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it feels awesome and its kind of hot to do it with my gf.

  4. Ian

    Nice starter pump. Built well, easy to assemble and easy to use.

  5. Finn Durning

    I’ve used a few pumps and this was absolutely perfect for me. The way the cylinder was made with the wide base seriously limited pain. I really appreciated the sticker to actually get a good visual on it, and i also appreciated the box too. It used accurate (but not too accurate) imagery and didnt use language that made me dysphoric. Its extremely easy to use and insanely cheap for such a quality pump. Honestly just wonderful all around.

  6. Eeo

    Easy to use, great quality for the price. Personally I find the cylinder a bit large, the wide base makes it hard to get a proper suction going on as some of my inner labia get sucked in and if I let go of the cylinder, air will get in from that side unless I position my legs in a very specific way. So a couple of cylinders of different sizes would be great to accommodate to different anatomies. Still though I like that the base is large enough to not cut into your skin and cause pain.

  7. Mo

    Love this. It actually works really well for me because I have significant growth but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work just as well for those without. Would definitely recommend!

  8. Sean

    It is really easy to use, I wish there was a different size cylinder I could buy! I have great growth from T and my other extra skins reduced, so when I use this, it sucks up the fat around my junk. So I wish there was a narrower cylinder. But love how it has the lips around the edge of the cylinder, the pump works great and it is so affordable with beautiful box design!! Love love the design of the box.

  9. Jayden

    Hello studs! Am 60, been on T awhile, and have used other, more spendy pumps, this is a great find! Improves the heft, super comfy n easy on the wallet!
    TY NYTC, n like Arnie, I’ll be back!
    Best, n stay safe all!

  10. LN

    I love this pump; I’ve used a few different designs and this one is the most comfortable by far. Easy to use and feels amazing. I’m in the market for enhanced sensation above all and I love the sticker to track growth. Very, very happy with this pump.

  11. Trey

    This pump is amazing. I’ve never had one work so well. I was able to full the cylinder on the first try, which was a surprise. I will have to order the large extra cylinder. Still, this pump and cylinder work like a charm!

  12. James

    Post-meta transman, this cylinder is perfect for me. Super comfy and higher quality than ones I’ve spent twice as much or more on. Thanks NYTC!

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