How to: Sex Toy Go Bag

Dildo on Headboard with Lube, Vibrator, Nipple Clamps, Blindfold, and NJoy metal wandYou never know when or where the mood will strike, be prepared!  Perfect for  a spontaneous sexy trip, or play party, always be ready with some basic supplies!

  1. Sex Toys – YAYAYAYAYAYA!
    • Unless you’re already wearing our perfect pack and play Shilo, you’ll want your go-to dildo within reach
    • Anal plugs and Mini Vibes are great for added stimulation!
    • Nipple clamps and cock rings are super compact and easy to pack
  2. Accessories
    • Strapon Harness – we recommend the spare parts Joque, so comfortable, you can put it on before you go so you don’t waste a single second of sexy time
    • Blindfolds – limiting some senses can heighten others ?
    • Scarves are great multi-purpose items! They can be blindfolds, restraints, even a harness!
    • Lube!  Water-based lubricants are recommended for use with silicone toys!  Silicone lube is super long lasting and is a great pairing for glass and metal toys.
  3. Safer Sex Supplies
    • If you aren’t able to wash off all the dust bunnies on your silicone toys, just throw a condom over it!
    • Innie Condoms are the most under-rated safer sex supply I know of. They are perfect for anal play, e
      specially when you want to use one toy in both your lover’s front hole and back hole.
    • Gloves, gloves, gloves. For when you don’t have time to wash your hands, they also make a great dental dam, especially great if you want to have a little pocket for your tounge/clit/dick.

Stay Safe and Have Fun!

<3 New York Toy Collective <3

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