Ignite your Sex Life Series – Setting the Scene

Work stressing you out? School work keeping you up all night?  Everyone’s got reasons for skipping sexy time with their partner.  If you want to get things going again, one of the first things to consider is your physical space.  It’s like a garden, if you want to produce juicy fresh produce all summer long, you have to plan ahead, plant all your seeds and then weed and water that mother-fucker regularly!
First Step: Make a PlanDildos on a Drying Rack
  • Set a Time for your Sex Date
  • Clear your Schedule (Remember to give yourself time for warm-up and aftercare)
  • Arrange Babysitters/Petsitters
Step Two: Prepare the Physical Space
  • Clean the Room of Clutter
  • Change the Sheets (or clean whatever surface you plan to dirty)
  • Clean and Gather Your Sex Supplies (dildos, strap-on harness, anal plugs, lube, blindfolds, etc…) and put them within reach 
  • If you can, it might be worth it to splurge on a hotel room
    * cat staring at a naked person in bedSpecial Instructions for all you fur baby loving queers out there: 
  • Get the Dogs and Cats Sleeping in their own Beds!!! 
  • Find a Dog Bed or a Cat Tree (Budget tip: give them anything they like to lay on anyway like an old couch pillow or towel)
    • Short Term Solution: kick them out of the room & give them a special treat or toy to keep them busy
Step Three: Mood Setting Tips
  • Lower the Lights (lamps with dimmer switches, or keeping a lamp covering scarf handy are great alternatives to candles) 
  • Set aside some sex fuel for as long as you have planned
    • Water, seltzer/juice spritzers, wine or champagne are all great options
    • Fruit or other light snacks
  • Gather Fan, AC or space heater to maintain a comfortable temperature, considering how much clothing you will be wearing, and how active you plan to be
  • Consider audible distractions
    • If music isn’t your thing, get a white noise machine or use a fan outside the door


Hope this helps get the juices flowing!


<3 New York Toy Collective <3

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