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  • Everything is better with Lube! More Loving and more sensation.

  • Add the double sided silicone suction cup for double the fun!

  • 10 modes, rechargeable, waterproof. Compatible with all products accepting a standard size bullet vibrator.

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Girth, girth, girth. Carter is one of our most beloved silicone dildos and a favorite amongst true dildo connoisseurs. Shilo fans wanted something with more girth so we developed Carter.

This handcrafted, posable silicone dildo is a great combination of thick and soft. Carter is great for those that crave a feeling of fullness. Ideal for ambitious bottoms, enthusiastic tops, and sassy switches.

  • Insertable length 7.5″
  • Girth 2.0″
  • Harness compatible & anal safe
  • Dual density platinum silicone
  • Hypoallergenic and body safe
  • Boilable and sterilizable
  • Non-Pourous
  • Phthalate & latex free
  • Compatible with water based lube
  • Matte texture and subtle detailing throughout shaft
  • Unique head designed for G-spot and P-spot stimulation
  • Pair with a matching love bump for more sensation
  • 4 Skintones shown from left to right Cashew, Caramel, Hazelnut, Chocolate plus n whimsical colors and swirls
  • Small Batch handmade in the USA
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16 reviews for Carter

  1. Chelsea

    I love it.

  2. L.L.

    It definitely feels like it’s a part of you. No complaints here.

  3. Nico

    I just got it tonight and was worried it might be to big but when i got home i tested the waters (insert stupid pun here). I am super pleased! Im super excited to use it on my parter and to pack with it!
    Thank you NYTC!

  4. G

    My partners love the Carter. The silicone has a nice amount of “give” to it, the most I’ve ever seen on the market. I’m told that the large head feels really nice. This thing is big but if that’s what you’re after I don’t think you can get a better one.

  5. Robbie

    It looks and feels amazing. It feels like the real thing. I also like the fact that it bends to your body to hit the right spots. The best dildo I’ve bought so far.

  6. Cat

    Yup, it’s amazing, glad I invested into hours of pure pleasure. The combination of hard and soft on this one is spot on.

  7. J.H

    Just thinking about writing a review for how fantastic this toy is makes me want to go for another round or five. Excellent investment.

  8. Joya

    Its so delicious! The biggest iv ever used, but because of its perfectly soft texture, and hard inner core, its always fun and comfortable. Im so glad we upgraded to the quality of NYTC! I cant wait to try it as a pack and play. Thank you!

  9. N/a

    I wanted to leave a review Incase there’s anyone like me who watched all kind of review videos and read up before deciding if they should buy this. I’ve got to say it’s my favorite strap thus far. The GIRTH on this thing is more than i was expecting. I was afraid it’d be to big but we didn’t have any issues. I really love they way it’s stiff but bends soooo well so that there’s no slip outs and different positions work a lot better. So yea, it’s def worth it. Just be cautious of the girth.

  10. Griff

    My partners love Carter. It’s definitely got the right mix of firm but yielding and the ability to pose it makes some positions possible that wouldn’t be with a more traditional style dildo.

  11. Tess

    I am obsessed with Carter and my partner loves wearing it. The silicone is SO malleable that when it “pops” out it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, unlike harder dildos. The malleable-ness of it also makes it feel like Carter conforms and fills every ridge inside. Extremely satisfying. It looks big, and it is but it is so soft! Even my partner has enjoyed being on the receiving end a few times, and she is NOT a size queen at all. HIGHLY recommended. Nothing else even comes close to Carter. And I have tried a TON of dildos.

  12. CockLove

    While the size takes a few minutes to get used to each time I use it anally, this is a wonderful dildo. Feels amazing. The outside is really soft, yet the hard core makes it bendable, yet provides a firmness needed.

  13. P

    Absolutely LOVE the carter. I have two others of the Vikskin collection and this by far is my FAVORITE. My partner said this one is a winner compared to my other two. I feel like the carter is a part of me. No slip outs. I actually get clitoris stimulation for the base. The CARTER is a MUST have in your collection.

  14. Liz

    Absolutely love it. Love this company. Love everything about it. I now have this, the Leroy, the Shilo, and the Love bump. It feels like my collection is complete and I love being able to alternate between the sizes depending on the mood and time of day. Complete game changers. NYTC is awesome. By far the best products and an amazing company.

  15. Kendra

    I got the Whoops Carter with the 20% off sale so it was more affordable and it looks great! Tbh I really can’t tell what the whoops was on it haha. It’s very filling and has that wow factor. I like it a lot. I wanted the pink and blue swirl but it was out so I got the seafoam green. Cool color. It’s very squishy and moves and I’m excited to use it some more. Thanks NYTC! Quality dildo.

  16. Tally

    I made the mistake of buying some less expensive dildos first as making this purchase w/o being able to feel it seemed a bit scary but OMG THIS IS THE BEST DILDO I’VE EVER TRIED. The combo of the softness and the firm core is FABULOUS. I wanted something that really filled me up and the proportion of the head to the shaft really is glorious. Also I love that it’s hand made with love as a local shop. So many positives! Just a disclaimer – I got the bullet (which it will offer you before you check out) thinking that it somehow fit with the dildo (perhaps slid up the shaft or something) and was a bit frustrated when I found out that it was just another accessory but it’s an upgrade from my older little pocket bullet so it worked out.

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