Top, Bottom or Switch?

Top, Bottom or Switch?


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Did you ever want a pin that discretely says maybe I’m kinky, or I know about the hanky code? Well here it it!

We call this latest creation Top, Bottom, Switch. This enamel pin features blue denim jeans with a red hanky on a slider. The hanky can be moved from left to right or even placed in the middle. Typically a hanky worn on the left side means you are a dominant looking for a submissive bottom and the right side indicates you are submissive and looking to be topped.

This pin enamel pin is perfect for kinky folks who love a little non-verbal communication to get them going.Visually, this enamel pin depicts a neutral gender denim blue jean midsection with 2 butt pockets and a red hanky that slides from left to right. The hanky slider is stiff enough for the hanky to stay on either side you choose. Quick tip: as the slider loosens over time, wrap a bit of thread around the post to increase the friction of the slider and hold your hanky in place.

This pin is part of our local queer artist series and is designed by artist @ladynobrow

Dimensions: 1 1/4″ wide x 1″ tallFeatures: Sliding Red and Whitee Hanky + 2 post backing to increase pin stability

Colors: Royal Blue, Gold, Fire Engine Red



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