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These are are same great products but with some slight imperfections.

Call them rebels call them slightly imperfect or call them human.

*Imperfections are typically air bubbles, freckles or color variations.

All items are final sale.

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All of your emails and sketches drawn on bar napkins have finally paid off- we’ve made a silicone STP to add to our FTM gender expression product line. Introducing Sam our first stand to pee device for trans guys, gender non-conforming, gender fluid & gender queer folks.

This silicone STP fits in regular undies or packing undies- no harness required, just hold it steady and let it flow. Choose from 4 skintones. Harness optional.*Slightly imperfect products may air bubbles and or color inconsistency.
These products are considered as-is and final sale.***Many Sam owners have also found that this STP is amazing for oral sex/blow jobs. The opening creates an amazing seal against your body 🙂

Product Specs

  • Length – 5 5/8 inches from testes to uretha opening
  • Shaft – 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Add our STP Strap for $29

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  • Don't forget the lube *

  • Keep your toys clean *

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Additional information

Weight .41 lbs

Cashew, Caramel, Hazelnut, Chocolate

27 reviews for Whoops Sam the STP

  1. Kai

    Great for solo play.

  2. Kai

    The product is firmly packed.

  3. Samuel

    Very Good times

  4. Luna

    Really good

  5. Noa

    Really nice

  6. Tyler

    Good quality.

  7. Nicholas

    The product is firmly packed.

  8. Tyler

    My Gf loves it

  9. Hayden

    I’m hooked, why did I wait so long?

  10. Char

    Love it

  11. Charles

    Better than I expect.

  12. Ava

    Fast delivery

  13. Jackson

    Good quality.

  14. Anthony

    Great for travel!

  15. Leo

    My Gf loves it

  16. Luna

    Brought this as a gift, they loved it

  17. Sophia

    Better in person

  18. Aiden

    I’m hooked, why did I wait so long?

  19. Avery

    Great for solo play.

  20. Michael

    Better than I expect.

  21. Binary bunny

    Really good

  22. Olivia

    Fast delivery

  23. Mateo

    Really good

  24. Paul

    I’m hooked, why did I wait so long?

  25. Danny

    Came faster than I expected

  26. Thrombin

    Brought this as a gift, they loved it

  27. A Californian FTM

    For mine, the imperfection was an air bubble along the rim that forms a seal against the body and yet it still works great, no problems at all! The only thing is I have learned that STP packing in general is apparently pretty uncomfortable–it’s a fairly firm thing to have jammed up against that part of your body and often not at the best angle to the body (or maybe I’m not doing it 100% correctly? I wish it came with instructions so I could know for sure). I bought NYTC’s STP Strap to secure it but I just find the STP and strap too uncomfortable to wear around my house, much less in public, so I don’t think I’ll be using it as an STP much. It’s also a little difficult to pack up or down before/after urination and I’m afraid of looking like a weirdo who has excessive difficulty getting my penis in/out of my pants… Fortunately, I bought NYTC’s erection rod and when that is inserted and Sam is moved against my body (against the sweet place ;)) it feels pretty good and allows me to maintain the visual/thought that I have a penis so I think it’s going to help with my body dysphoria in the bedroom more than the bathroom.

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