New product alert: Trans Masc Pump!

Designed by and for queer, transmasculine, and non binary bodies, this pump increases sensation and stimulation to the genitals. We spent months creating this unique wide flanged cylinder designed for comfort and long term use. It was essential that the product be usable with for many body types and with a single hand. The result was a custom translucent cylinder a two part pump with quick release that is shocking comfortable to use and ensures that everyone can achieve instant growth.

Once we figured out the product design for the transmasc pump, next we had to figure out a name. At first glance naming products seems easy, think of a name and then name it. However, naming products is much more complicated than it appears. Language is continuously evolving and is culturally and generationally specific. The meaning and power of words changes over time and is subject to interpretation. How do we choose a name that is descriptive, clear, searchable, approachable and affirming. Everyone has different feelings about language some names we came up with where ftmpump transpump, clitpump, mascpump and junkpump. How do we choose a name that customers can understand and identify with? Everyone calls their genitals something different. How should we describe this product so it is accessible and clear? After hours of thought and discussion with fellow members of the community, we settled on the name Transmasc pump because we felt it was the most descriptive and general for folks that might be interested in the product.

Inside the box of the Transmasc pump you will find 1 translucent cylinder, a pump, tubing and an optional ruler decal to track your growth. The cylinder has a wide flange for comfortable use, the winder flange helps distribute the pressure across more surface area and eliminate any pinching or biting sensation as suction is applied, unlike nipple pumps that have virtually no flange. Also, the interior dimensions of the cylinder is 3” deep and 1.25” wide, which will accommodate significantly more growth than a nipple pump. The kit comes with everything you need and works right out of the box. All of the tubing is included. The Tubing connects to the cylinder on one end and the hand pump on the other; it can only connect in one way, designed to reduce user error. The hand pump includes an instant release valve so you can always release the pressure with the push of a button. The final piece of the kit is a ruler decal. This decal is optional for folks who want to track their growth. We purposely did not incorporate the ruler as a permanently embossed feature on the cylinder because we know not everyone wants to measure their growth or see the measurement every time they pump. We suggest using a lubricant with the pump to increase blood flow and reduce friction.

We suggest applying a thin layer of lubricant to the flange, and especially if your growth is large enough to fill the cylinder when pumping, you may want to lubricate your anatomy. You’ll notice in many of our product videos where we show the pump in use on an arm or leg and that that we do not use lube – applying lubricant on genitals when using the pump is optional.

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