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  • White binder with gold chain

    BINDERS *NEW* Cool Mesh Back Binders


    This high compression binder from New York Toy Collective delivers all the performance you need to beat the summer heat in style. The extended size range and smooth, moisture wicking fabric work hard to flatten your chest while keeping you cool and dry. Its cool mesh back provides extra ventilation so you can wear this binder daily without discomfort. From cosplay to the gym to the office, this discrete chest binder helps you express your authentic self with confidence. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned binder vet, this summer-ready design promises comfort, support and freedom of movement so you can conquer any activity that comes your way. Round up for a looser fit, or round down for a more snug fit. If you are unsure you can leave your measurements in the notes section of your order.

    Model  34C  5″6  140LB (no hormones, no surgery)

    ● Extra Small: 32-33”
    ● Small: 34-35”
    ● Medium: 36-37”
    ● Large: 38-40”
    ● Extra Large: 41-43”
    ● 2XL Extra Large: 44-46”

  • Jack Stroker and Packer in oneJack silicone stroker stroker shown in 4 colors

    Jack 2-in-1 Stroker


    Jack goes both ways—stroking and packing. Tuck Jack into your favorite underwear (or a packing harness for extra support), and take him out when you’re ready for intimate fun. With a ribbed stroker cavity and toe-curling suction action, this Jack-of-all-trades provides pleasure and confidence.


    Outer Dimensions:

    3 x 3 x 1 1/2″

    3″ long shaft

    1 1/2″ shaft diameter


    Cavity Dimensions:

    5/8″ max diameter (this silicone is very stretchy and can accommodate larger anatomy)

    3/8″ min diameter (anatomy narrower than this will not activate product suction)

    2 1/2″ depth


  • packing Pouch with magnetic closure, multicolor options from New York toy collectivePacking Pouch with magnetic closure, from New York toy collective In black

    Packer Pouch ! Turn any underwear into Packing Underwear with our magnetic closure


    Packer Pouch is a simple solution for a complex problem. Just attach this pouch to your regular underwear in any of the four available colors and you’re ready to go. No need for special packing underwear. Simply wash before use, place your packer inside, and secure with the magnetic closure. The pouch holds your packer snugly and discreetly so you can workout at the gym, go for a run or just go about your day with confidence. Packer Pouch – add a packer and go.

  • Pierre PackerSoft Archer Circumcised Flaccid Penis Prosthetic in Teal being held in two hands.



    A sweet little packer with intact foreskin—if you know, you know. Pierre is handmade with painstaking detail, featuring realistic skinfolds and subtly asymmetrical testicles. Designed for comfort, durability, and confidence. Pair with our STP strap or packer pouch for added security. A great choice for FTM and gender non-conforming folks under 5’ tall.

    This handmade silicone packer is available in 4 realistic skintones and now whimsical gender non-conforming colors for our gender queer and gender fluid fans! Pierre is the most accessible and affordable intact packer on the market. Please note that Pierre 4″ shaft size is designed for FTM and gender non-conforming folks under 5 feet tall.

    Pierre Regular

    • Total Length 5.25
    • Penis length 4.75
    • Width at maximum point 2

    Pierre Small

    • Total length 4 inches
    • Penis length 3.5
    • Width at widest point 1.75
  • Sale!

    Sam the STP 3 in 1


    This versatile 3-in-1 toy from New York Toy Collective packs a stylish, silicone punch. The STP Sam allows you to stand to pee with ease, thanks to its ergonomic silicone funnel design. When you’re done, simply clean Sam with mild soap and water. The open cavity at the base makes Sam perfect for an on-the-go blowjob, while the adjustable packing strap helps you pack and play all day long.

    Versatile (and cute!) Sam does it all. You wanted a silicone STP, and we dreamed even bigger—the freedom to pee standing up, a handy toy for insertion play, and a clever tool for satisfying your BJ fantasies. Sam works with our stp strap, or you can use your hand.

    Product Specs

    • Length – 5 5/8 inches  from testes to urethra opening
    • Shaft – 4 inches long (3 inches insertable) & 1.5 inches in diameter
    • Pee Cup – 1.75 inches long & 1 inch wide
    • Add our STP Strap
    • Make Sam a 3-in-1 Pack and Play with a silicone rod sold separetly
  • STP & Packer STRAP


    Keep that packer in place! This strap is designed to accompany our packers Archer and Pierre, and features an opening for your favorite STP packer. Pack, pee, and play. We’ve thoughtfully crafted this strap with two vertical loops for customizable packing direction and bulge size. Pair with boxers or go commando—whatever feels right.

    Discrete, No Show Design. Hugs thighs only, no waist band.  For added security, pair with snug briefs or size down for a more secure hold.


  • Trans masc pump pro reachable f2m pump and flux lubeTrans Masc Pump Pro F2M Pump

    Trans Masc Pro Pump – THE BEST


    Expand your evening with New York Toy Collective’s Trans Masc Pro Recharable Pump. The three interchangeable transparent cylinders offer visible pumping pleasure, and the option to measure your progress using the included sticker rulers. The Trans Masc Pro Pump is an ideal addition to your toolbox if bottom growth is a goal, this pump is designed to increase pleasure while achieving the development you desire.  The immediate increase allows you to explore more possibilities with strokers, penetration and more.  The push button design is suggested for those with limited dexterity.
    Couples well with Jack the stroker.

    ****BONUS Lube makes everything better, this week you’ll receive a free bottle of lube with your purchase

  • Trans Masc Pump Deluxe – Includes 3 Cylinder Sizes!


    Trans Masc Deluxe Pump takes bottom development to the next level. The pump features three transparent cylinders of varying sizes so there is always room to grow.   The Trans Masc Deluxe Pump  helps stimulate and increase sensation in That Magical Place—you know what we mean. We designed the translucent cylinder to be comfy and easy to use. Use the adhesive rulers  to easily track your progress. Achieve instant (and oh-so satisfying) growth so you can get back to business. The Trans Masc Deluxe Kit comes with 3 cylinder to find the perfect fit for you and your partner(s). Use the increase in size to experience strokers, penetration and more in new ways :) Couples well with Jack the stroker.

    This is a manual pump if you have dexterity concerned please consider the Trans Masc Pro Rechargeable Pump

  • Sale! Archer packer whoops key imageArcher silicone packer shown in caramel, hazelnut and chocolate with imperfections

    Whoops! Archer


    Whoops! Handmade means slight imperfections—but doesn’t mean less functional or lovable. Imperfections typically include air bubbles, freckles, or color variations. You’ll dig their uniqueness all the same.

    Meet Archer, our 4” oh-so soft silicone packer, great for daily use. Durable and comfy, this handmade packer is designed to look real and feel like an extension of yourself. Pair with our STP strap for added security. A great choice for FTM and gender non-conforming folks under 5’ tall. Roll up to the party with confidence in your pants.

  • Water Based Lube by NYTC: Flux

    NYTC’s Flux – 4oz water based lube


    Every thrust, every stroke, and every touch is better with lube.  Comprised of limited ingredients,  Flux is a smooth vegan water-based lubricant, safe to use on all of our products.  Why use lube? Lube reduces friction-elevating the pleasure- it short it means you can play for longer…slip’n slide on inside.

  • Sale! Foaming toy cleaner by New York Toy Collective

    Foaming Toy cleaner 7oz

    Original price was: $12.95.Current price is: $9.99.

    Cleanliness is next to (hole)iness. Get all your silicone toys sanitized and ready for more action with our gentle, fragrance-free cleaner. Simply lather, rinse with water, and repeat after each play session. Doesn’t leave residue and won’t leak in your pleasure chest, so you can get back to the good stuff.

  • Pierre Packer

    Whoops Pierre


    Whoops!  Handmade uncut packers with some slight human imperfections.. Imperfections typically include air bubbles, freckles, or color variations. Size 5.25 and 4.45